Graduate Development Network

The Graduate School dean’s office serves as convener of the Graduate Development Network (GDN), an informal network and working group of academic and professional services offices that meets monthly during the academic year and occasionally during the summer term.   This group promotes communication and collaboration among the participants, as well as a sounding board for issues and concerns about student services.  Participants include the president and vice president of the Graduate Student Council (GSC), associate deans from schools and colleges that have significant numbers of Graduate School students, and several offices that provide support services to students.  Among these are the Psychological and Counseling Center, Women’s Center, Center for Teaching, Writing Studio, International Student and Scholar Services, Center for the Humanities, career development services from the Graduate School and the biomedical sciences office, diversity recruitment and retention, and the Vanderbilt Institutional Research Group.  An update from the GSC officers provides information about the current goals, programs, and concerns of students.  GDN meetings promote discussion and collaboration among the academic and support offices in the interest of improving the type and effectiveness of student activities and services.  Recent examples include the annual GSC Research Symposium, dissertation writing workshops, seminars and workshops for professional development of students, promotion of mental health services, services for students with children and families, and discussion of data from surveys of current and recent students.  For more information, contact Steven Smartt, Associate Dean for Academic Services,