Masters-to-PhD Bridge Program
a joint program in astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, and materials science

Get the preparation you need to earn a Ph.D.

Are you passionate about a career in the physical or biomedical sciences, but need additional coursework, training, or research experience before beginning PhD-level work?

By completing a Masters degree under the guidance of caring faculty mentors, students in the Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Bridge program develop the strong academic foundation, research skills, and one-on-one mentoring relationships that will foster a successful transition to the PhD. The program, which usually requires two years, is flexible and is individualized to the goals and needs of each student. Courses are selected to address any gaps in undergraduate preparation, and research experiences are provided that allow students to develop-and to demonstrate-their full scientific talent and potential.

The program provides:

  • Full access to instructional opportunities at both Fisk and Vanderbilt, leading to the completion of most or all coursework required for the PhD;
  • Research performed with Fisk and Vanderbilt faculty, leading to the selection of a Vanderbilt PhD adviser;
  • A nurturing, friendly academic environment and a warm, social network with other Bridge students, postdocs, and faculty;
  • Full funding support, including tuition waiver, monthly stipend, a laptop computer, and health insurance.

Who should apply:

  • Students with undergraduate majors in physics, chemistry, biology, or other science disciplines
  • Students motivated to pursue the Ph.D. but who require additional coursework, training, and/or research experience

How the program works, in a nutshell:

  • Earn a Masters degree at Fisk in physics or biology or chemistry, with full funding support.
  • Along the way, get valuable research experience with caring, dedicated mentors.
  • Get fast-track admission to one of the participating Vanderbilt PhD programs, with full funding.

Informational materials available here:

Click on the image above or here to download a PDF poster describing the Bridge Program.

Click on the image above or here to download a PDF poster describing the Bridge Program.




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