Administration and Staff

Associate Provost

Dennis G. Hall

Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School
(615) 322-2809
Graduate School Policy, Graduate Faculty, Graduate Faculty Council, Enhancing Graduate Education (EGE) Program
Assistant Provost

Steven Smartt

Associate Dean for Academic Services and Assistant Provost for Research
(615) 322-3825
Chief Administrative and Fiscal Officer, Admissions Procedures, liaison to Graduate Student Council, fund-raising and development, coordinator for external fellowships.
Associate Dean

Richard Hoover

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
(615) 322-3944
Academic Affairs, Honor Fellowships, Student Travel Grants, Dissertation Enhancement Grants, Honor Fellowships, liaison to Graduate Student Honor Council
Assistant Dean

Don Brunson

Assistant Dean
(615) 322-3939
Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) Program; Underrepresented Student Outreach, Admission, and Retention Officer
Assistant Dean

Ruth Schemmer

Assistant Dean
(615) 322-8088
Career Development
Administrative Assistant

Marian McAlpin

Administrative Assistant
(615) 322-2639
Office Management, Budgets, Stipend Payments for Graduate School Honor Fellowships and External Fellowships

Barry Kendall

Registration, Course Schedule, Curriculum Changes, Commencement
Assistant Registrar

Liz Leis

Student Services Assistant
(615) 322-3934
Thesis/Dissertation Format Editor, Ph.D. Candidacy status
Program Coordinator

Walt Bieschke

Program Coordinator
(615) 322-0236
Admissions, Questions about on-line applications procedures
(For questions about your application status, please directly contact your program of interest.)
Office Assistant

Linda Harris

Student Services Assistant
(615) 322-3943
Qualifying exam and final defense notices

Sheri Kimble

(615) 343-2727
Reception and Referral, Admissions and Enrollment Administrative Assistant
Systems Coordinator

Jon Bates

Systems Coordinator
(615) 322-3938
Upkeep of student files, and website.