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Department of Economics

In Memoriam

James S. Worley
former GPED Director, Professor of Economics
Ph.D. Princeton University

Memorial contributions in honor of Professor Worley may be made to the James Worley Fund.

James S. Worley, who helped make Vanderbilt University an internationally known name by mentoring hundreds of foreign government officials in the ways of economic development, died Saturday July 26th after an illness. He was 77.

The program, the oldest of its kind in the United States, brought officials and university professors from developing nations to Nashville to study for master's degrees in economics. When they returned to their countries, many received promotions, and a few became directors of their nations' central banks, the equivalent of this country's Federal Reserve.

Mr. Worley worked with more than 900 government officials and academics from 92 countries during his tenure. Andrea Maneschi, who has taught economics at Vanderbilt since 1970, said Mr. Worley made the students feel at home and made the university look good abroad.

''He was more than a mentor,'' said Maneschi, who served two stints as the economic development program's acting director. ''He was really a friend to them, and almost a father figure. … He really projected Vanderbilt's image overseas with this program.''

Mr. Worley, a Birmingham, Ala., native who earned bachelor's and master's degrees from Vanderbilt, is survived by his wife, Rosemary, and four children: Paul Worley, Marian Worley Watson and Susan Worley Meador, all of Nashville, and Sam Worley of Chicago.

(The Worley Award is presented annually by Rosemary Worley and her son, Paul.)

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