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The Office of the General Counsel periodically publishes, in an on-going series known as General Counsel Note, brief papers on subjects of interest to the University community. Each article is approximately two pages in length and is downloadable as PDF.

May 2009: Federal Stimulus Package

April 2009: Latest Changes to the ADA

March 2009: Recent Amendments to FERPA

February 2009: Locum Tenens Physicians

November 2008: Export Control Regulations

October 2008 (no. 2): Taxation of Scholarships

October 2008 (no. 1): Charitable Gifts

September 2008: Expert Witnesses

June 2008 (no. 5): Physician Non-Compete Agreements

June 2008 (no. 4): HIPAA's Security Rule

June 2008 (no. 3): Research and Insider Trading

June 2008 (no. 2): Medicare/Medicaid Anti-Kickback Statute

June 2008 (no. 1): Family Relationship Discrimination

May 2008: The Contracting Process

April 2008: Charitable Fundraising

March 2008: Employment Retaliation

June 2007: Physician-Patient Confidentiality

October 2006: Attorney/Client Privilege

September 2006: Political Campaigns on Campus

August 2006: Solomon Amendment

July 2006: Copyright

















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