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Fire Safety at Vanderbilt University

Fire Safety Rules for Campus Residents   updated August, 2010

no smoking symbolVanderbilt is a Smoke-Free Campus.

Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings on campus, including residence halls and Greek houses. (Student Handbook, Chapter 1)   Smoking is also prohibited outside on the Vanderbilt campus, with the exception of designated smoking locations.  Additional smoking areas for campus residents are indicated on this map.

Residents must abide by the fire safety practices and regulations listed below.
The following information was extracted from Chapter 4 of the the Student Handbook.

Fire Safety Rules for Electric Appliances

Small items such as radios, sound systems, electric blankets, clocks, lamps, and coffee makers with enclosed heating elements are permitted in rooms, but no appliances with exposed heating elements, or grills (for either outdoor or indoor use, including "George Foreman" grills and like devices), are allowed. Appliances that draw a large amount of current from each circuit, such as hot plates, air conditioners, electric heaters, and instant water-heating elements, are prohibited. In addition, washers, dryers, and dishwashers are not allowed. Microwave ovens less than six years old, having a maximum power of no more than 800 watts and an interior capacity of no more than one cubic foot are permitted. Refrigerators less than six years old that have no more than a four-cubic-foot capacity may be used. The residential staff of a building may require that any appliance be placed in storage if the manner in which the appliance is used causes interruption of service or endangers the health, safety, or well-being of members of the residential community.

All appliances used in campus residences must be in good condition, with special attention given to seals, electrical cords, and plugs. Only power strips with circuit breakers may be used as extension cords. In consideration of fire safety, halogen lamps or light sources are prohibited in campus residences. The Senior Director of Housing, Facilities Operation and Management reserves the option of revoking authorization for the use of any appliance in individual buildings or throughout the residential campus.

Fire Safety Rules for Furnishings

Student-owned furniture brought into campus residences and Greek houses must meet the hospitality/contract-grade furniture fire-safety specifications of either the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 260, or the California Technical Bulletin 117, section E. (Furniture that complies with either standard will be appropriately tagged by the manufacturer.)

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