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The Office of Federal Relations helps facilitate several major internship/semester programs in Washington, namely the Vanderbilt Internship Experience in Washington (VIEW) and the Human and Organizational Development (HOD) Undergraduate Internship program.

Office of Federal Relations Internship

The Office of Federal Relations invites Vanderbilt University and/or Washington, DC-area undergraduate or graduate students who have ties to Tennessee and are interested in higher education and science public policy issues and to apply for our summer, fall or spring internships.

The summer internship is a full time (40 hour a week) commitment beginning June 6th concluding August 1st.

The fall and spring semester internship is a full or part time commitment. We will work with you to coordinate an appropriate start and end date and weekly schedule based around your classes.

While the internship is unpaid, we are willing to work with you to earn academic credit and may be able to provide a modest supplement for public transportation expenses.

To apply for the summer, fall, or spring internship experience, please email your cover letter and resume to the Assistant Director of Federal Relations Gabriella Ra'anan by the appropriate deadline below.

Spring Semester       Summer Semester        Fall Semester

Application Deadline                               December 1                           April 30                                           August 1

Notification Deadline                              December 15                         May 15                                            August 15

Intern Testimonials

Want to know what our former interns had to say about their time in the Office of Federal Relations? Read their testimonies below and a VIEW from VIEW - a blog post by the Office of Federal Relations 2015 summer intern from the VIEW program, where she discusses her experience in our office during her eight week internship.

"Interning with the VU Office of Federal Relations gave me my first experience working in an office environment and engaging with the policy field. I learned invaluable "soft" skills like how to write a policy memo, dig up hard-to-find information quickly or how to craft an email for the right audience, true, but I also had the chance to learn from policy experts from a wide range of fields about the big issues of our time and what it will take to address them."

- Sarah, VIEW Intern, Summer 2008

"Working in the Office [of Federal Relations], I was trusted with substantial work on real-life projects that translated into real communications with University personnel and the Hill. I worked alongside a staff who focused on big picture goals and met them, all while collaborating in a professional and kind environment. I met Hill staffers and lobbyists weekly, and with each connection made I discovered advocates who loved their work - and I loved it too!"

- Jillian, VIEW Intern, Summer 2010

"When I was offered the intern position with the Office of Federal Relations, I was excited to have the opportunity to learn more about higher education administration . . . I can now confidently say that I have developed a much greater understanding of the role that government plays in higher education. I believe this knowledge will be invaluable as I pursue my next steps in the field of education, whatever they may be."

- Evan, VIEW Intern, Summer 2012

"Interning at the Vanderbilt Office of Federal Relations last summer provided me a great introduction to DC politics. I felt like I gained several different internship experiences combined in one . . . It was a great summer and an even better internship experience."

- Kathleen, VIEW Intern, Summer 2013


VIEW provides pre-arranged internships in Washington during the summer. Students must apply for and be accepted to the program, which is organized by the Office of Active Citizenship and Service. In addition to a 9-5 internship, VIEW provides a cohort model for peer support, an evening seminar series of guest speakers from the media, government, business and nonprofit sectors and opportunities to participate in service learning. The program also coordinates visits to key attractions in the D.C. area. In the past this has included tours of the Pentagon, CNN, the White House, the U.S. Capitol and a trip to a Nationals baseball game.


The HOD internship is a requirement for HOD undergraduate majors. In addition to their internships, the students attend weekly classes organized by the Center for Evaluation & Program Improvement, which are often held in our offices. The HOD internships are conducted throughout the year and are offered in several cities.

The Office of Federal Relations is open to serving as an HOD internship site. If you are interested, please contact our Assistant Director of Federal Relations Gabriella Ra'anan.

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