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Packing List

What to bring to campus…

  • Alarm Clock
  • Telephone Handset
  • Toiletries, shower caddy, towels, personal items
  • Laundry items: basket, detergent, spare change, iron, ironing board
  •  Extension Cord/Surge Protector (with minimum ratings of 15 amps and 1800 watts)
  •  White board/message board
  •  Small study lamp
  •  Headphones for stereos
  •  Bed linens, pillows, blankets, mattress cover
          (Note: standard twin sheets will work on the 78″ mattresses)
  • First Aid kit
  • Small sewing kit
  • Putty or removal adhesive to mount posters
  • Multi-outlet strips with surge protection (with minimum ratings of 115 amps and 1800 watts)
  • Cleaning products
  • Dishes for snacking

 You may also want to bring…

  • Small microwave (800-watt with interior capacity of no more than 1 cubic foot)
  • Refrigerator (less than 6 years old and with no more than 4.0 cubic feet capacity)
  • Television
  • TV stand (no mounting permitted)
  • Tension rod and curtains to hang at windows and closet openings
  • Bookshelves (free standing)
  • Bicycle and U lock
  • Desktop or Laptop Computer
        (Note: Don’t forget to register your bike and laptop with the Vanderbilt Police Department )

 Please do not bring…

  • Halogen lamps
  • Wireless routers
  •  Powerful stereo systems
  •  Mattresses. The university-issued mattress and box spring may not be removed.
  •  Furniture. University furniture will not be removed.
  •  Cooking utensils with exposed heating elements (hot plates, toaster ovens, portable grill, etc.)
  •  Pets (except fish)
  •  Firearms/Fireworks
  •  Concrete blocks
  •  Dartboards
  •  Lofts/Waterbeds
  • Mounted shelves or  TV brackets
  • Over-the-door hangers

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