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Parent PreVU -- News from Vanderbilt Parents and Family Programs

May 2013

Parents and Family Programs

Dear parents and families of incoming students:

Academics at Vanderbilt are designed to challenge your students to think deeply. During their time on campus, they will develop the skills that will facilitate their future contributions to humankind and to the world around us.

Over the years, Vanderbilt students have told us repeatedly that they must study harder and more wisely than they did in high school. A host of campus resources support students in making that transition. (click the links below to read more) 

ADVISING: During May, your student will have received a packet from his or her school containing information about:

  • the school's advising structure and the summer advising process
  • instructions on how to register for classes
  • academic requirements for the degree program

The dates for your student's registration windows (that is, the times for enrollments) are established by the schools and posted on the YES landing page by May 20 each year. Your student should log in and check the calendar there. The assigned opportunity to sign up for classes will come sometime between June 10 and June 28, and seats do fill fast.

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Student Integrity and the Honor Code

HONOR CODE: Vanderbilt University prides itself on its long-standing tradition of a student-driven honor code. One of our very first ceremonies in the fall will be the signing of the honor code pledge, which reads:

"I pledge to pursue all academic endeavors with honor and integrity. I understand the principles of the Honor System, and I promise to uphold these standards by adhering to the Honor Code in order to preserve the integrity of Vanderbilt University and its individual members."

We encourage students and families alike to become familiar with the precepts of the honor system. You can help by reminding your student that honor is more than just "not cheating." Academic integrity includes learning how disciplines function–from the keeping of lab notes to the habits of attribution within scholarly papers to the documentation of creative influences. We expect the entire community–faculty, staff AND students–to participate in any and all endeavors of scholarship and creative activity with careful attention to solid academic practices.

Undergraduate Honor Council
The Honor Council was formed to help enforce and protect the tradition of the Honor Code. Today, the Honor Council serves two simultaneous aims: to enforce and protect the Honor Code and to inform members of the Vanderbilt community about the Honor System.

Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity, formerly the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity,
Rand Hall, Suite 301 (615) 322-7868 or studentconduct@vanderbilt.edu

The Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity promotes good citizenship within the Vanderbilt University community through education. Students are expected to respect themselves and others, to act responsibly and to take responsibility for their actions. The Office of Student Accountability, Community Standards, and Academic Integrity advises the Honor Council and provides administrative support and resources for the honor system.

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AP/IB CREDITS AND TRANSFER CREDITS: The admissions chapter in the Undergraduate Catalog gives the university policy on advanced-placement credit, and transfer credit policies appear in the catalog section for each individual school.

Students with further questions about pre-Vanderbilt credit policies should discuss their circumstances with their academic adviser or with their school registrar, who can be reached through the dean's office contact numbers to the side.

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COMMUNICATION WITH THE UNIVERSITY: The university requires students to check their official Vanderbilt email account daily. Please also remind your student to use an official Vanderbilt email account to communicate with advisers and other university officials–that helps messages get through the spam filters.

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ACADEMIC SUPPORT: When fall arrives, it can take time for students to adjust to the new–and often more rigorous– work load. Encourage them to "study early and study often"–a steady work pace and careful time management are necessities in this new environment.

If the work is providing what our faculty sometimes describe as a "growth opportunity," we ask you to encourage your student to take advantage of the many services provided on campus. Teach your son or daughter the art of self–advocacy–there's probably an office out there to give advice, counsel and support!

* All faculty members have office hours, and TAs and study sessions are often part of the course design. Ensure that your student is taking advantage of those opportunities!

* Tutoring services for courses in the College of Arts and Science are offered to ALL undergraduates through a College of Arts and Science tutoring program. In addition, tutoring for introductory courses in engineering, mathematics and science is offered through a program coordinated jointly by the School of Engineering and the College of Arts and Science with support from the National Science Foundation through a grant to the Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation.

* Reading and study-skills coaching, the Writing Studio and library services work closely with students to build up their academic toolkit.

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PLANNING AHEAD FOR ENHANCING EXPERIENCES: The broader opportunities of a collegiate experience can complement and enhance the standard campus program. Encourage your student to explore options. Vanderbilt sponsors literally hundreds of student organizations, and dozens upon dozens of guest lectures and programs throughout the year. We also have offices that can help with particular programs.

* study abroad
* internships and career exploration
* service learning
* undergraduate research opportunities

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Encourage your student to take control of his or her education at Vanderbilt. Remind them to speak first with an academic adviser about any educational opportunity, and then follow up with the support staff from the offices listed to the right.

Cynthia J. Cyrus
Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
Professor of Musicology and Affiliated Faculty in Women's and Gender Studies

Upcoming dates
and deadlines:


June 1
Housing application is due. Learn more


June 10-28
Academic registration period


June 14
Deadline for roommate and hallmate requests


June 21
Deadline for Commodore Card photo to be uploaded


June 30
Deadline to submit housing requests for special consideration


July 1
Deadline to submit student health forms

PDF Version of Academic Contacts and Resources

Academic Advising by School:


College of Arts and Science—CASPAR
Visit website


Blair School
Visit website


Visit website


Visit website

Academic Resources

Dean's office contacts:

Blair School of Music dean's office
(615) 322-7651

College of Arts and Science dean's office
(615) 322-2844

Peabody College
dean's office
(615) 322-8264

School of Engineering dean's office
(615) 343-3773



College of Arts and Science Tutoring
(615) 322-5218
email: tutoring@vanderbilt.edu
More information

TLSAMP drop-in tutoring
More information

The Writing Studio
More information

Study Skills Consultation at the Psychological and Counseling Center
(615) 322-2571
More information

English Language Center
(615) 322-2277
More information


Ancillary Academic Resources:

Disability Services Program (DSP)
(615) 322-4705
Learn more

Vanderbilt Center for Student Professional Development
(615) 322-2750
Learn more

Global Education Office
(615) 343-3139
email: geo@vanderbilt.edu
Learn more

Office of Honor Scholarships
(615) 322-6329
Learn more

Library Services
Learn more

Information Technology Services
(615) 343-9999
email: its@vanderbilt.edu
Learn more

International Student and Scholar Services
(615) 322-2753
email: isss@vanderbilt.edu
Learn more

Undergraduate research opportunities
Research Journal
Learn more


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Student Health

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