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Online Training

Basics of Export Compliance Presentation
A general overview of export compliance that includes definitions of an export, foreign person, "dual-use" technology, "deemed" exports, defense service, technical data and fundamental research 

Basics of Export Compliance for Biomedical and Health Sciences
A brief overview of export compliance that includes how to identify the most common export control transactions at Vanderbilt and examines the export control responsibilities of all Vanderbilt faculty and staff. 

For the courses listed below, click the links to The Learning Exchange and enter the name of the module in the 'Find a Course' search box to enroll in, and launch each module.  Remember to click the magnifying glass icon to begin the search.

International Shipment Export Control Review Form
Are you shipping an item to a foreign country?  Learn how to complete this form to assist you in determining your export compliance risk.

International Travel Questionnaire
Do you travel internationally for Vanderbilt business?  Learn how to complete the International Travel Questionnaire to assist you in determining your export compliance risk.

Temporary Export Certification
Are you taking a Vanderbilt laptop, cellphone or equipment with you for Vanderbilt business on your international trip?  Learn how to complete this form to document the temporary export of those items.

Vanderbilt Export Compliance Awareness Video - What You Need to Know
Learn how export control laws and regulations affect your work at Vanderbilt.

Visa Deemed Export Questionnaire
Do you hire or assist with the hiring process?  Learn how to complete the Visa Deemed Export Questionnaire and fulfill the specific U.S. Immigration export compliance regulations required before hiring a prospective foreign national employee on a H-1B or O-1A Visa.

Foreign National Visitor Form
Do you host foreign national visitors or delegations to the Vanderbilt campus?  Learn how to complete the Foreign National Visitor Form to ensure the visit is export compliant.

Instructor Led Training Courses

Fundamentals of Export Control 
Gain general awareness about export controls and various components that may affect you and your work at Vanderbilt. This includes a general overview of export compliance, information regarding how export controls may affect your work in the areas of international: shipping, procurement, travel, visitors, disbursement, and research collaborations and the penalties associated with export violations. Time is allotted for questions.

Department or Project Specific Training 
Additional training, basic or specific, can be arranged by calling the VEC office at (615) 343-6070.

Outside Training Resources

US Census Bureau - Export Training Videos

BIS Online Training - Essentials of Export Controls (Approximately 30 minutes)

NCURA Webinar Presentation: The Essentials of Export Controls (Approximately 75 minutes) This training is available for Windows machines only and from on-campus IP addresses only. Requires that the Windows Media 9 codec be installed, which is available by clicking here.

Policies and Procedures

Vanderbilt Policy on Compliance with Export Control Law and Regulations

Signed by Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos in June 2009.

Export Controls Overview

Summary of Export Control Rules and Regulations.