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>Super antioxidant developed
>Progress probing how mosquitoes    smell
New device detects bioagents
New approach to fight malaria
>Brain maps perception, not reality
Miller's Antarctic adventures

A rare find
Miraculous recovery of Maya altar
Skin's waterproof seal
Neurons that play truth or

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Super antioxidant developed
3-D molecular models
An international team of chemists have developed a new family of antioxidants that are up to 100 times more effective than Vitamin E. Read more

Progress probing how mosquitoes smell
Scientists have taken an important step toward understanding the mosquito's sense of smell, its primary method for picking its prey, by verifying that the antennae of female mosquitoes that prey on humans contain receptors that respond to one of the chemical compounds found in human sweat. Read more

New device detects bioagents
Photos of the Roe team in the lab; brain images

The ability to analyze and defend against novel biological agents has been strengthened by the development of a new device that can monitor the metabolism of living cells in near real time. Read more

New approach to fight malaria
Investigators at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Northwestern University have added another piece to the puzzle of how the malaria parasite enters red blood cells. The team found that the red blood cell's own signaling machinery participates in malaria entry, suggesting a new therapeutic approach to fight the deadly parasite. Read more

Brain maps perceptions, not reality
Photos of the Roe team in the lab; brain images

Anna Wang Roe and teammates Li Min Chen and Robert Friedman have found evidence that the cortical map of our skin in the brain is organized perceptually, rather than physically.Read more

Miller's Antarctic Adventures
videoAnimations of PHENIX detectorphotosPhotos of sustainable development project
Geologist Molly Miller travels to Antarctica to study animal burrows in the world's southern-most rock, searching for the earliest mammals.
Read more

A rare findphotosSee a 7-minute video profile of Jackie CorbinCorbin and partner perform a clogging demonstrarion.
Professor Jackie D. Corbin’s fascination with solving problems and exploring mysteries harks back to his childhood in the mountains of the poorest county in North Carolina. Read more

Miraculous recovery of Maya altar
videoReconstruction of Maya Royal Palacephotos
Photos of sustainable development project
Working together, archeologists, Maya villagers and Guatemalan authorities foiled looter's attempts to sell a magnificent Maya altar that they had stolen.
Read more

Researchers find chemistry behind skin's barrier

Study of an unusual chemical activity behind an inherited skin disorder leads to a new understanding of how the skin forms a waterproof barrier.
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Neurons that play truth or consequences

The "CEO" in your brain appears to be concerned more about the consequences of your actions than how hard they are to produce. That is the implication of a detailed study of the neuronal activity in a critical area of the brain, called the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), published in the Oct. 3 issue of the journal Science.
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