Watch research being done before your very eyes!

Science and technology have made our lives easier, healthier and more comfortable.

  • Smallpox has been eradicated;
  • Non-stick coatings make pots and pans easier to clean;
  • Computers are making communications faster and more reliable

Where do these innovations begin? In research laboratories throughout the world! Scientists and engineers work daily to learn more and more about the world in which we live. These talented men and women are laying the basic foundation for even further improvements in our daily lives.

Vanderbilt University and the Cumberland Science Museum are planning an exciting new program that will transport museum visitors right into laboratories on the Vanderbilt campus where research is happening. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet and talk with researchers as they work. Visitors can ask them about their research and how it relates to daily life.

If you would be like to be informed when tours start, click here.

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