My Vanderbilt Experience is a year-long program that provides students a virtual framework for intentional engagement outside the classroom. Managed through Anchor Link, My Vanderbilt Experience offers a menu of events and activities for students to participate in across nine tracks connected to specific learning outcomes. The tracks include: Arts, Critical Dialogue, Cultural Awareness, Culture of Care, Dores After Dark, Health & Wellness, Leadership & Personal Development, School Spirit, and Service & Civic Engagement.

Participation is recorded through card swiped attendance at eligible events. When a student participates in a My Vanderbilt Experience event, their progress will automatically be displayed in the My Co-Curricular Programs dashboard of their Anchor Link home page. To complete the program, students need to participate in at least two items in each track.

Students who invest in their Vanderbilt experience through this program will be rewarded for their engagement. Anyone who completes this program will gain critical skills and experiences that will benefit them when applying for campus leadership positions, internships, and professional jobs. They will also become a member of the Vanderbilt Experience Society which will provide them with special privileges such as recognition at the Magnolia Awards, networking events with prestigious alumni, and front row seats at major campus events.

Throughout the year, students who complete individual tracks will also be eligible for drawings to receive special experiences and prizes.


Questions about the My Vanderbilt Experience program? Issues with your credit appearing in Anchor Link?

Please e-mail with any questions or issues.