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Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies

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Spanish Florida

baptista-boazios-1589.jpg florida-et-regiones-vicinae-1640.jpg la-florida-abraham-ortelius-antwerp-1584.jpg la-floride-pierre-dabbeville-du-val-1665.jpg latlas-de-la-mer-ou-monde-aquaticque-representant-toutes-les.jpg map-of-the-state-of-florida-it-hinton-london-1832.jpg Plano-de-la-ciudad-y-puerto-de-San-Agustin-de-la-Florida.jpg

The ESSSS Spanish Florida Collection contains ecclesiastical documents from the Archives of the Diocese of St. Augustine. This collection of 16 volumes (nearly 9,400 images) contains documents from the late sixteenth to late nineteenth centuries.

In this section of the website, you will find information on the development of the Spanish Florida project and the documents themselves as they become available. As researchers begin to transcribe the books contained in the collection, they will be uploaded to the transcriptions page.