Fall 2014

Flowers by Jenni B. Baker

_____lying for days

Litter and Visitor’s Center by Taneum Bambrick

_____I become part of this garbage

taking out the garbage by B.J. Best

_____a trashcan is a swimming pool for ugly children

The Middle by Peter Kahn

_____Remember getting stuck

Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium and Self Portrait as a Desperado by Tanya Muzumdar

_____Dog me, my shadow

Departure by Pedro Poitevin

_____My bones still felt the wound

Boulder Sonnet, with Crickets and Buddha by Maureen Seaton

_____grinning with rabbit fever

I fell in love with the sky but that got boring by Gregory Sherl

_____Jenny says the robins are a good sign.

Married to Alabama by Ty Stumpf

_____Lightning bugs prick the darkness

Field Notes: An Alchemy and Aubade by Meg Wade

_____Sing sugar, sing yourself a love song

The First Not-Me Possession and The Body by Jess Williard

_____Take for granted the way she stoops

Summer 2014

Missives and A Remnant by Laura Kochman

_____I’ve also never been dead.

Ragged Point Road by Joe Wilkins

_____what a winter it had been

Cascade Reservoir and Game by Calvin Olsen

_____How long does a bird stay full?

A Summer and A Haunted Place by Heather Bowlan

_____at night the ocean sky opens

Bore and July by Trina Burke

_____The most surprising way to enter a house uninvited

Swizzle Sticks and Ruby Reds by Meri Culp

_____Know that something small can stir a revolution

A Beautiful Night for a Biscuit Truck by Anne Barngrover

_____gray disciples haloed in headlights

Letter to the South by Daniel DeVaughn

_____if we spoke in tongues, you never noticed

Only in America: On Being Turned Around at Don King’s Estate,
Ashtabula County, Ohio
and Ailanthus: Tree of Heaven by Cindy King

_____When/ birds fly, it’s the body dumping the soul

Elena and Knitting by Luisa Caycedo-Kimura

_____At the hospital your mind floats

Opinion Page by Anya Groner

_____Poetry isn’t dead. It just needs a haircut

In Her Letters, Emily Dickinson Would Sometimes Refer to Death as Michigan and What the Dying Said to Me in the Dream Where I Became the Dying by Charlie Clark

_____I found you were not what you were

Considering Harper Lee during Sunday Mowing by John Davis Jr.

_____Doubtless Aunt Alexandra would have scowled

Spring 2014

Cygnets as Two Ghosts and North by Matthew Wimberley

_____I wasn’t ready/for how light the body can be.

Heron and I live across a field where they sell old things by Samiah Haque

_____They say it is good luck to see you.

Muscle and Future Queen of the Wilis Goes Hunting by Meg Johnson

_____I am arm wrestling/an invisible man.

Corpse Pose by Kristen Kuczenski

_____Skin on the black lake cat-pawed, jellied, clear

Fast on the Tenth Day of Tishrei and Freud Dreams of Sandman by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

_____In truth, she didn’t starve/to talk to God–

the Witch by Freya Gibbon

_____the Witch lives/in a televised serial

Québec by Boona Daroom

_____The concierge is the world’s worst concierge.

Ghosts Into Stones by Gary Carter

_____I turns ghosts into stone & stone into ghosts the old man told me in stuttering tongue

Locks, Lemonade, and Last Call by Esteban Rodriguez

_____September sheds a calendar of unemployed leaves/along the plain’s open palm

Fall 2013

Girlwife in July, Girlwife of Infrequent Lunch Meetings, and Parlor by Virginia McLure

_____the nervous animal of your shoulders bunching—

Honeycomb and Skin by J.P. Grasser

_____ We are unprotected

Palindrome by Nate Marshall

_____she uncuts/her hair, unchops it long and feminine.

Labor by Leah Huizar

_____Time grew rings in the soles of her/feet

When the Storms Come by Lisa Cihlar

_____those that curve in lovely shapes like little bent penises.

The Disagreement by Sarah Carson

_____God blinks hard twice and breathes deeply

Wool, In the Hot Air Balloon, and Vermeer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Shelley Wong

_____The suspense of her arms/is a bridge

Litany by Lisa Hiton

_____Here, when I raise my arms,/I leave no shadow

We Kept Our Shadow by Christina McDaniel

_____He slams the shutters//upon the ghostly/cherry blossoms

Rag and Bone by Ashley Strosnider

_____what it might be like/to be devoured to be held between those fine jaws

Takeout, 2013 by Corey Ginsberg

_____I think this is a sign/that I’m already done with this year

Summer 2013

Sailor into Fire, Sailor in Noise, and Sailor in Drag by Daniel Carter

_____I’m home in the body, but the body’s grown wrong

Inquest and The Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth by Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

_____ Start there, in/the unforgiving middle

Salt by Jeff Oaks

_____And then taking the dog out to pee. And then looking up into the dash of stars.

A Bottle of River by Maureen Seaton and Samuel Ace

_____Or he//pedals away swarmed/and shoeless

Corn by Susan Comninos

_____Still, three lines drop/for the family scythe. First son. Open your hand.

They Do This by Kimberly Bruss

_____The hostas grow rapidly Their fronds unravel/like tongues under the stillborn sun.

The Return by Caleb Scott

_____Where now does the body/go

Parking Garage, California by Trey Jordan Harris

_____The mouth of hell is twisting/inside me

Aim by William Fargason

_____There was no target, at least not at first.

Dust Lords by Clay Cantrell

_____It had been six weeks since the wildfires/and already he’d stopped remembering.

Locusts and Honey and The Knife Collector by Jesse Breite

_____Along the gutter’s underbelly, I spot/the transparent loaf of a shell split-open.

Rubies for Dorthea Lasky by Caroline Crew

_____There is red and there is grace/and I cannot fall into both.

Spring 2013

House-Sitting, Woman in the Diorama, and Roadside by Annah Browning

_____ There is a man inside/the house, teaching/the living room how to burn.

Woman at the Well and Listening by Meriwether Clarke

_____ My skin stretches,/holding all these pieces in

If Only I’d Thought of It by Christopher Citro

_____ Did they sit around the dinner table/ taking turns saying: “It’s a nasty habit.”

Think of a House by Okla Elliott

_____ The father doesn’t drink, but he used to./The mother isn’t happy, but she was

Bystander’s Lament by Katy Miller

_____ I am a witness to the wars,/ a witness to the witnesses of wars,

On the Flood, Grown More Perilous by Brianna Noll

_____ We think/we want to feel/the sparks—/dive in and glow.

Everett by Ann Pelletier

_____ We come to the place where my son is/ and his name.

I Go Like This by Dara-Lyn Shrager

_____ Somebody with ill intentions/ has come to my door.

Elegy and Self-Portrait in Binary by P. J. Williams

_____ Through the door broken open: smoke,/ honeysuckle, ashed-over daffodils.

Fall 2012

Two Views: Duke Street and Two Views: Wes and the Dead Bird by Joellen Craft

_____I found you/ something dead, something/so full of potential

Honeysuckle Ghost in the First Baptist Church Back Pew by J. Scott Brownlee

_____I believe in this world,/and this town,/ and each face in it as you do God.

cincinnati by Alexander Chisum

_____she thinks about killing/ time. how 9:59 a.m. murders/ 9:58 a.m.

Never-Ending Birds by Sandra Marchetti

_____ I swallow, lift at my chest where the freckles/crack, where the wet wings gleam.

Little Exercise by Michael Marberry

_____ You cannot write/about the body because you worship the body.

My Drawling by Alice Bolin

_____ I used the brittle prairie colors/of our teenage July

Rick Santorum by Michael Meyerhofer

_____ Poetry has a personal objection to pornography,/ not to mention condoms

Super Tuesday by Nate Marshall

Resettlement by Jacob Newberry

_____sometimes I am dreaming/and when I am dreaming the goats are calling

Parable and Three Women by Rosanna Oh

_____On the porch,/ he lit the match/ and she held the letter still/ until the ashes broke.

The Hospital Room by George Moore

_____It’s better not simply to imagine/ the bleached walls as shorelines,/ the antiseptic smell of after-death,

Summer 2012

Repeat Live Capture by Brad Clompus

_____ When you get/to the field by the river,/open the lid, expect/anything.

Cul-de-Sac and Vine River by F. Daniel Rzicznek

_____ The map is a hunger for dimension,/what meaning becomes becomes meaning

Pantoum from Wilson Pickett Interview by Harold Whit Williams

_____After mother knelt down & hollered for my soul/ She’d hit me with anything – skillets & stove wood -

Water-bearing by Ashley Keyser

_____ The broad bronze women need no one/now to save them, unremarked-on/as anything else aging in public spaces.

A Story We Might Follow by Joe Wilkins

_____ We shoe up and slip down drifts,/wend our slow way through oak/and heavy-headed sumac

Dendrochronology by John A. Nieves

_____They were mining for time, but time was not cooperating.

Mother: An Aggadah and Damage Ready by Sarah Marcus

_____Kirsten strokes my hair and says,/maybe you were put on this earth for your mother

Jake by Jonathan Brown

_____ We all become dust, but some of us just enjoy being swept away.

Tropic Troping Bird by Stephen Massimilla

_____ Our regard for each other a series/of seconds raring/to stare and stare.

Strange Victory, Strange Defeat by Jeff Alessandrelli

_____ Invisible hands,/ invisible arms, invisible feet,/the snake rises up

Dowsing by Gwendolyn Jensen

_____Soft and slow, the water moves,/Comely, cool, it lingers

Destruction Myth and David and the Anatomical Venus by Emma Sovich

_____In these their last days alive, the workers bit at the remaining honeycomb, chewing it to soften it then spitting it out.

Dream of Adolescence by Leanne Chabalko

_____ In the field I find sick bottles and arrowheads/I see an elk rub antlers across a chokecherry tree

To a Girl by Rachel Marie Patterson

_____ In the end, what we were given/was not only violence.

Spring 2012

Late Summer: To the Bride, Gaunt Pleasures, Rain Off the Gulf of Guinea, and The Sorting Grounds by Todd Fredson

_____We sort the last of our scraps into bins./ Potatoes that are not entirely rotten—/ we can’t take anything.

Venus De Milo by Christopher Ankney

_____She was vicious/ with inequalities

xylem/deployment by Amanda Bales

_____vascular bundles harden/ to a back yard pin oak

Epithalamium and La Tarantata by Claudia Cortese

_____Ferns unfist when she passes, crows blacken/ above her

Blue Talk Bites by William Ford

_____In pain’s stark spot/ I blow a toy/ copy of Bird’s alto

To the Protestor at the Pride Parade by Andrew Kozma

_____Your idea of Heaven is a small nut no one can crack.

This Is Siren Country and Self-portrait with a Teak Fleet of Sailing Ships by Lo Kwa Mei-en

_____Once you were as empty as a wind-filled sail,/ but you’ll never fall asleep again. You are welcome.

Darlings by Jenny Lederer

_____At night/ they could hear their father/ murmuring to his trees, my darlings

The Ash Trees at Midnight by Jacob Newberry

_____oh quiet earth/ you have welcomed me/ into your sodden arms

The Foundling Wheel (2), Prayer, and A Proof by Blas Falconer

_____Let it be too-early light, your first/ memory, the dog lapping from the water bowl.

Fall 2011

A Word for Berryman by Paul Allen

_____Dog tired, suisired, a thing so heavy–/ I doubt leapt, jumped, throw les mots juste/
_____for his worn doing.

Stray Dog Prayers by Ryan Smith

_____it smells of a city built in the rain,/ of candle light in a goldenrod coffin.

Lazarus, To a Predator, and For My Brother by David McLoghlin

_____One by one, old men take him by both wrists/ and are unable to speak;

Rural Causality by Weston Cutter

_____The rorschach of a Thursday, how god /in certain ruralities is what elsewhere/
_____would be called weather

Mandolin in White Wood, Inlay by Joshua Brown

_____With the double barrel breached/ amid the honeysuckle,/ his trigger finger cracks

The Sirens by Tyler Mills

_____Pilot whales beach their black bodies/ 
on sandbars off the Cape. With my grandparents//
_____I watched them dying on TV in August

Joe Cuomo, Local Weatherman, Tests The Old Idea Of Heaven by Sean Bishop

_____That the day before my father’s death// was National Skinny Dipping Day,/ Filet
_____Mignon Day, and Left Hander’s Day.

Litany by Rachael Lyon

_____She thought this place was haunted before/ his mouth snuffed voices into nothing, wet fingers/
_____on a burning wick.

Idyll, Prayer Handles, and Quart of View by Erin Radcliffe

_____Rind and yolk freefall, infuriating/ the gluttony of birds to brine

Black Witch Moth by Phillip Williams

_____The moth lifts its dress and everything beneath/ its hem’s shadow sings

Becoming Human II by Jade Benoit

_____Somehow, my hair stopped growing in patches.

Upon the morning of the spring equinox I steal precisely ten words from John Berryman by Alice George

_____When the starlings finish drinking from the gutters/ their bodies will be slightly heavier.


Summer 2011

Getting It Right by Andrew Najberg

____Let’s look at it this way:/ we are shepherds on the hillside.

Early In The Day Of The Solar Eclipse, XII., and Before The World Went To Hell by Miriam Bird Greenberg ____Early in the day of the solar eclipse/ the old men who would still tell their names/ to soldiers passed ____time combing their beards

The Mummy Boycotts Easter by Patrick Whitfill

____Naturally, at every resurrection there’s/ at least one nonplussed and unconvinced/ hooligan

A voice from the country of my dreams by Landa wo

____A voice/ The voice

The Rise of Communism, Robert Frost in the Slaughter House, and Self-Portrait on Cigarette Foil I by Craig Blais

____The first night, I thought stray dogs were fucking in the streets.

Lesson by Jenny Johnson

____When it is already after seven/ and in the lit pantry all she can do is study your countenance

On Hunger by Elizabeth Wade

____I am thinking of the verb “to conspire,”

To the Heart by Ori Fienberg

____There is a faraway island, famed for its brightly colored and surprisingly textured mosaics, in _____which the people have eyes, not on their heads, but on the bottom of their feet.

Red Doors by Joe Bueter

____The smell some nights/ could’ve simply been the marsh./ Or crustaceans and bacon grease.

Therapy Dog by Phil Estes

____These girls tie a pit-bull/ To one of the pillars of their house.

Storm Windows (Imago) by John Nieves

____Salt over the shoulder and the babble-down evening/ set the stage for this:

The Horizon and The Plains by Christopher DeWeese

____The air inside the air/ kept getting smaller

from Winter: aphorisms by Sarah Vap

____Someone cries every few minutes in our family

Spring 2011

Grace and Ode to the Flute by Ross Gay

which pulling, pulling, he / begs you to take the tube

You Are Wanted in the Office by Naomi Shihab Nye

far from the man with a shovel wiping his brow

What Are You Supposed To Do Anyway? by Jack Ridl

I could take that at least two ways, / maybe more.

Schistosoma mansoni, Pledge, and Thinking of Anne Frank in the Middle of Winter by Roger Reeves

Even in the ordinary world of thread, / wood, and little souls, let us be two red canoes.

The Barbecued Man and A Brief History of the Future by Jeffrey McDaniel

I have nightmares of a crowded lunchtime street, a gust / of wind lifting my new face away, like a silk tissue,

Photuris Lucicrescens by Lois Marie Harrod

In the loitering dusk / the lightening bugs begin / their dart and dwindle

Bildungsroman by Brittany Cavallaro

Her mother’s lips still the color / of the yew berries that could not / be eaten in threes

Salt Marshes by Janee Baugher

Miles of coarse white. / The blue-black sky behind him like an apology.

September 1st, 1923 by Fani Papageorgiou

on a hot, clear day in Tokyo,

Langston Blue by Jericho Brown

Blues for the angels kicked out / Of heaven. Blues for the angels / Who miss them still. Blues for / My people and whatever water / They know. O weary drinkers

Fall 2010

Sonnet Crown for Blind Tom and Harry T. Burleigh meets Antonin Dvorak, 1893 by Tyehimba Jess

The whole plantation would be called to sing / and dance in Master Epp’s large parlor room –

A Genesis Text for Larry Levis, Who Died Alone by Norman Dubie

we all stand / In a succession of etceteras

Four-Letter Word by Hugh Martin

Dying / is part of training / for war in Iraq. / We leave in two months.

My Future Therapist Asks About Rage by Cathy Linh Che

Men in my life walked in and out of the room, / tramping snow.

Cotton Candy, Special Orders, and Fast Break by Edward Hirsch

Oral Poetry

The Lone Ranger, Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear by Jeannine Savard

He lived in a cabin on a frozen lake, / snake-sitting his sister’s taut “Baby-Boy” / while she waitressed the season in the Carribean.

Apology with Axe and In the Soak by Bridget Talone

Never mind that / the frogs are singing and / they sing like a swing-set.

Late Afternoon with Chagall by Michelle Peñaloza

leaves which unfurl / into women, brides, flying out over the marketplace, / over baskets of berries, beet bundles, green stalks of leeks—

Summer 2010

A Little Less Kettledrum, Please by D. A. Powell

Hear me, up there in the bleachers? / I may be the least of all the piccolos.

[These diamond weeds are], [Again by the windmills' wings], Microscope, and Circle and Rectangle by Maya Sarishvili, translated from Georgian by Timothy Kercher, Ani Kopalian, and Nene Giorgadze

a thousand drawers would open at once: / medicine, linen, jewelry, and secret-paper drawers, / impish smells emanating

Armando by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni

Yesterday, it was a caravan. / Today, it is by car.

November 21, 1937 by César Vallejo, translated by Amy Demas Grunder

My house, unhappily, is a house, / a floor, fortunately, where my beloved / little spoon lives, with its little inscription, / my dear skeleton, finally illiterate, / my penknife, the perpetual cigarette.

The Girl and Memory by Alice Neiley

I thought of you pocketing / stones from the snow-rimmed beach, then piling them up all around your house. I / thought of when you stopped cold / as a gull snapped up into the sky, light on his underbelly— / look, you said, and I did.

Spring 2010

Southern Light and Honeycombed by Rickey Laurentiis

What more / are porches made for if not for rain? I know if it / were honey and fell steady as it does now / to make sweet candy of the roads, we’d be out there.

Backfire 2 and Energumen by Heather Derr-Smith

I want to be your young wife / Thirty hours pregnant, / Neruda opened at my pelvis.

Elephant by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni

Elephant, Elephant! / Tell me again of the time / you climbed / up the Homa mountain,

Our Lady of the Candelabra, Our Lady of the Pomegranate, and or the apple-russet silk by Sarah Maclay

We can nearly taste it. We can hear it rustle / as she moves, as she must, / eventually.

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