Fall 2014



Flowers by Jenni B. Baker

_____lying for days

Litter and Visitor’s Center by Taneum Bambrick

_____I become part of this garbage

taking out the garbage by B.J. Best

_____a trashcan is a swimming pool for ugly children

The Middle by Peter Kahn

_____Remember getting stuck

Expecting Widow Visits the Aquarium and Self Portrait as a Desperado by Tanya Muzumdar

_____Dog me, my shadow

Departure by Pedro Poitevin

_____My bones still felt the wound

Boulder Sonnet, with Crickets and Buddha by Maureen Seaton

_____grinning with rabbit fever

I fell in love with the sky but that got boring by Gregory Sherl

_____Jenny says the robins are a good sign.

Married to Alabama by Ty Stumpf

_____Lightning bugs prick the darkness

Field Notes: An Alchemy and Aubade by Meg Wade

_____Sing sugar, sing yourself a love song

The First Not-Me Possession and The Body by Jess Williard

_____Take for granted the way she stoops



The Visit by Dawn Wing


60 Percent Water by Miden Wood




Yodeling for Life by Gregory Wolos

_____They never made it to the Cineplex

Syndication by Allegra Hyde

_____My parents are in the backyard, digging their graves



Roof Dance by Meg Weeks and Jomo Fray

Roof Dance



The Mantra Suit of Armor by Jeff Bowles

_____Thin people hate fat people



A Slip and Upstate by Peaks

Montana by The Novel Ideas

Lucid Dreams Machine by Kaedo Sky

Seascape and The All Night Boys by Jake Shane



An Interview with A. Van Jordan by Alicia Brandewie

_____I’m writing about the other, and I’m still writing about myself.

An Interview with Kevin Wilson by Rita Bullwinkel

_____Writing, for me, is like making magic without knowing how to do magic.

An Interview with Gish Jen by Katie Young Foster

_____I keep on going until I can’t think of one more thing to write

An Interview with Alex Lemon by Michael E. Woods

_____Look at me! Look how fancy I am, wearing my scarf of entrails.


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