Summer 2014



The Lady in the Song by Sylvia Watanabe

_____She was the lady in the song, tanned legs striding, hair blowing back.

Edie Sedgwick by Jonathan Durbin

_____No one knew she was going blind.



Pink Noir by George Schaefer

Pink Noir



On Naming Women and Mountains by Lucy Bryan Green

_____I have known these mountains before, worn the dust of these trails, sipped from these streams.



Return to Manzanar by Makoto Ogawa

Manzanar I (smaller size)

Alice Neel by Summer Pierre


Artoons by Rolli




An Interview with Urvashi Butalia by Rita Bullwinkel

_____We recognize that our feminism is not the only feminism.

An Interview with Eavan Boland by Alicia Brandewie and Sara Strong

_____In poetry, one rule is true: it is the margin that defines the center, never the center that defines the margin.



1922 Blues and Cheap Wine by Charlie Parr

I Walked Alone by Brittany Newell

Ye Olde Natural Feel and Keep Shining Through by Heatwarmer

Clarinettes by C



Missives and A Remnant by Laura Kochman

_____I’ve also never been dead.

Ragged Point Road by Joe Wilkins

_____what a winter it had been

Cascade Reservoir and Game by Calvin Olsen

_____How long does a bird stay full?

A Summer and A Haunted Place by Heather Bowlan

_____at night the ocean sky opens

Bore and July by Trina Burke

_____The most surprising way to enter a house uninvited

Swizzle Sticks and Ruby Reds by Meri Culp

_____Know that something small can stir a revolution

A Beautiful Night for a Biscuit Truck by Anne Barngrover

_____gray disciples haloed in headlights

Letter to the South by Daniel DeVaughn

_____if we spoke in tongues, you never noticed

Only in America: On Being Turned Around at Don King’s Estate,
Ashtabula County, Ohio
and Ailanthus: Tree of Heaven by Cindy King

_____When/ birds fly, it’s the body dumping the soul

Elena and Knitting by Luisa Caycedo-Kimura

_____At the hospital your mind floats

Opinion Page by Anya Groner

_____Poetry isn’t dead. It just needs a haircut

In Her Letters, Emily Dickinson Would Sometimes Refer to Death as Michigan and What the Dying Said to Me in the Dream Where I Became the Dying by Charlie Clark

_____I found you were not what you were

Considering Harper Lee during Sunday Mowing by John Davis Jr.

_____Doubtless Aunt Alexandra would have scowled


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Cover Art by Sam Rosenblatt