Spring 2014

Cygnets as Two Ghosts and North by Matthew Wimberley

_____I wasn’t ready/for how light the body can be.


Cedar Shingles by Sarah Rutter



Heron and I live across a field where they sell old things by Samiah Haque

_____They say it is good luck to see you.


The Ballad of Nellie Wilson & The Bag End March by Bella’s Bartok


Dump Week by Alex McElroy

_____We called ourselves thieves, at first, when except for the drinking we had done nothing wrong.


Muscle and Future Queen of the Wilis Goes Hunting by Meg Johnson

_____I am arm wrestling/an invisible man.


Another Day by Carousel


Mother Moves Us, Father by Nate Liederbach

_____Mother moves us. It’s 1987. Because of the Alps, she moves us.


Interview with Edmund White by Maggie Zebracka

_____I went from when I was teenager, thinking I was utterly unique, the strangest person who ever lived
_____to later thinking I was generic, typical, a gay man of my generation, psychoanalyzed and oppressed
_____in the 50s and liberated in the 60s and exalted in the 70s and wiped out in the 80s.


Corpse Pose by Kristen Kuczenski

_____Skin on the black lake cat-pawed, jellied, clear


Dog Years by Edward Helfers

_____No-Name washed up back when I was living in the Bywater, recovering from Cheryl and
_____other binges


Fast on the Tenth Day of Tishrei and Freud Dreams of Sandman by Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

_____In truth, she didn’t starve/to talk to God–


the Witch by Freya Gibbon

_____the Witch lives/in a televised serial


Little Red Roses by Jennifer Nicely


Québec by Boona Daroom

_____The concierge is the world’s worst concierge.


Ghosts Into Stones by Gary Carter

_____I turns ghosts into stone & stone into ghosts the old man told me in stuttering tongue


Locks, Lemonade, and Last Call by Esteban Rodriguez

_____September sheds a calendar of unemployed leaves/along the plain’s open palm


Spring 2014 Contributors


Cover Art by Taylor Emrey Glascock