Spring 2012 Table of Contents

Late Summer: To the Bride, Gaunt Pleasures, Rain Off the Gulf of Guinea, and The Sorting Grounds by Todd Fredson

_____We sort the last of our scraps into bins./ Potatoes that are not entirely rotten—/ we can’t take anything.

Brooklyn by Sean Cooney


Venus De Milo by Christopher Ankney

_____She was vicious/ with inequalities

An Interview with Maile Meloy by Jenna Williams

_____Any way you can get some distance is good.

Triage by Nickolas Butler

_____His lover had been gone just two weeks when they found him in the cemetery

Loved by Among Brothers


Underneath the Crown by Juxedo


xylem/deployment by Amanda Bales

_____vascular bundles harden/ to a back yard pin oak

Epithalamium and La Tarantata by Claudia Cortese

_____Ferns unfist when she passes, crows blacken/ above her

Water’s Vessel by Swimming in Speakers


Blue Talk Bites by William Ford

_____In pain’s stark spot/ I blow a toy/ copy of Bird’s alto

The Astronomer by Allyson Goldin Loomis

_____I was a person who, by his nature, sank.

To the Protestor at the Pride Parade by Andrew Kozma

_____Your idea of Heaven is a small nut no one can crack.

Boy by Ra Ra Riot


This Is Siren Country and Self-portrait with a Teak Fleet of Sailing Ships by Lo Kwa Mei-en

_____Once you were as empty as a wind-filled sail,/ but you’ll never fall asleep again. You are welcome.

Darlings by Jenny Lederer

_____At night/ they could hear their father/ murmuring to his trees, my darlings

The Ash Trees at Midnight by Jacob Newberry

_____oh quiet earth/ you have welcomed me/ into your sodden arms

An Interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell by Jill Schepmann

_____I’m always trying to figure out how to look at physical and psychological disfigurement, and social disconnection.

Touch the Lion by Megafauna


Everything But the Poison by Kelly Magee

_____Lauren was good at pretending things were okay when they weren’t.

No State Solution by Chicken Little


The Foundling Wheel (2), Prayer, and A Proof by Blas Falconer

_____Let it be too-early light, your first/ memory, the dog lapping from the water bowl.

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Cover Art by Lissy Elle Laricchia