Fall 2011 Table of Contents

A Word for Berryman by Paul Allen

_____Dog tired, suisired, a thing so heavy–/ I doubt leapt, jumped, throw les mots juste/
_____for his worn doing.

Stray Dog Prayers by Ryan Smith

_____it smells of a city built in the rain,/ of candle light in a goldenrod coffin.

Juniper by Y La Bamba


Mandolin in White Wood, Inlay by Joshua Brown

_____With the double barrel breached/ amid the honeysuckle,/ his trigger finger cracks

Turquoise Balloons by Marmalakes


Lazarus, To a Predator, and For My Brother by David McLoghlin

_____One by one, old men take him by both wrists/ and are unable to speak;

The Eagle Has Conjured Itself into a Dry Leaf Floating in the Wind by Rick Pechous

_____I woke Ira and told him we had to run. Our car was locked outside the gate—a telltale sign of the _____presence of junkies when they come to open it. The sun hadn’t yet cleared the tops of the trees.

Like A Promethean Curse by VGE


ESP by Hooded Fang


Rural Causality by Weston Cutter

_____The rorschach of a Thursday, how god /in certain ruralities is what elsewhere/
_____would be called weather

Schtick by Phantom Power


The Sirens by Tyler Mills

_____Pilot whales beach their black bodies/ 
on sandbars off the Cape. With my grandparents//
_____I watched them dying on TV in August

Things That Sublimate in the Night by Mike Peterson

_____I work the midnight shift as an emergency dispatcher in the basement of the superior courthouse

Cathode Ray by Blonde Summer


Joe Cuomo, Local Weatherman, Tests The Old Idea Of Heaven by Sean Bishop

_____That the day before my father’s death// was National Skinny Dipping Day,/ Filet
_____Mignon Day, and Left Hander’s Day.

Screws Get Loose by Those Darlins


Litany by Rachael Lyon

_____She thought this place was haunted before/ his mouth snuffed voices into nothing, wet fingers/
_____on a burning wick.

Sea Dreamer by Wildlife


Idyll, Prayer Handles, and Quart of View by Erin Radcliffe

_____Rind and yolk freefall, infuriating/ the gluttony of birds to brine

Girls Like Me by TV Girl


A Bomb, an Egg, and Anne Bradstreet’s Lover by Katie Williams

_____No. It’s not like that. The bomb is not meant for a fetid corner in this high-school classroom

Black Witch Moth by Phillip Williams

_____The moth lifts its dress and everything beneath/ its hem’s shadow sings

Upon the morning of the spring equinox I steal precisely ten words from John Berryman by Alice George

_____When the starlings finish drinking from the gutters/ their bodies will be slightly heavier.

Fall 2011 Contributors


Cover Art by Ryder Richards