Spring 2011 Table of Contents

Some People Are Trying To Read by Mark Burrier


Grace and Ode to the Flute by Ross Gay

which pulling, pulling, he / begs you to take the tube

The Right Feel by Kenneth Calhoun

If I found one, I would simply walk in.

Prom Night by Celia Rowlson-Hall


Build Night by Tyler Stein


You Are Wanted in the Office by Naomi Shihab Nye

far from the man with a shovel wiping his brow

What Are You Supposed To Do Anyway? by Jack Ridl

I could take that at least two ways, / maybe more.

I Find That We, As A People by K.D., Ryan Sartor, Lawrence Scott Parkinson, Gwenn Gebhard, Kathryn Locey, Nikolina Kulidzau, Michael Barach, Kate, Steven Wolfe, Tom Wheatley, Burt Kimmelman, Jana Russ, Michael Rumore, Ariel Moore, Allyson Mead, Heather Severson, Alex Geng, June Marie Wade, Harvest Henderson, Meredith Gray, Bryn Chancellor, Tim Dempsey, Michelle Tokarczk, Emma Sovich, Freya Gibbon, Jen Dempsey, Mark Spitzer, BJ Hollars, Paul E. McCullough, Lesley Clark, Adence Washington, Lindsay Moore, Brit Blalock, Sara Grossman, Sandee Umbuch, Helen Ruggieri, Holly Stone, Elizabeth Lara, Ivy Page, Joshua Mensch, Bradley Paul, Peter Jurmu, Brad Modlin, James Celestino, Katherine Pearl, Noelle Rankin, Gro Flatebo, Michael Khandelwar, J.S., Bridgette Shade, Karen Lizon, Cathy Che, Brittany Cavallaro, Michael Barron, Jim Hilgartner, Jenny Lupes, Laura Davis, Sharon Harrigan, Tyler Harper, Mattie Davenport, Samantha Killebraw, Tyler Harper, Frank Dobson, Gwyn Fallbrooke, Amy Whitaker, Tyler Harper, Angie Hogan, Jessica Handler, Mickey Dubrow, Araba Maze, Adrienne Su, Juan Carlos Reyes, Vinny Sunguttuvan, John Carr, Tommy Dean, Michele Reese, Mary Marwitz, Lindsay Key, Eleana Levine, David Dill, Daniel Schall, Christine Herrmann, David M., Kona Morris, Lena Rogue, Becky Firesheets, Karen Chronister, Margaret Hutton, E.K.P., C.E. Wheeler, C. LePage, David Collins, Robert Evory, Michelle Banczek, Linda Umans, Isaac Butler, Tyler Harper, Emily Anderson, Leslie Sussan, Tina Richardson, Christine Cutler, Erin Tocknell, Max Thamos, Ava Leavell Haymon, Jacqueline Mehring, Louisa Dang, Amira Pierce, Marilyn Knight, Madelaine Hoptry, Samantha Holley, Lucy Green, Tarfia Faizullah, Khaled Mattawa, Kate Cumiskey, Purvi Shah, Elsbeth Pancrazi, Julie Chinitz, Mason Manna, Marissa Tinloy, Mark Jarman, Sara Marshall, Terri Witek, Lucy Norman Spencer, Peg Boyers, Don Petersoy, Catherine Pond, June Rockefeller, Jillian Clark, Matt Ramey, Ezekiel Rahloof, P.S. Salvador West, Gina Vivinetto, Joshua Gottlieb-Miller, Robyn Kohlwey, Alyse Knorr, Grigsby Hubbard, Valerie Vogrin, Liam Beare, Anna Joy Springer, Beth Staples, Josh Morsell, Britt Melewski, Taylor Mankid, Adrienne Celt, Emily Howarth, Mariette Pan, Bob Girardi, Dewitt Brinson, Sebastian Paramo, Cynthia Grier Lotze, Wendy Oleson, Tera Vale Ragan, James Ragan, Colin Pope, Casey Smith, Susan Levi Wallach, Maria Tomasio-Moore, Amy Souza, C.A., Mant, Abby Beckel, Smallhands Rejected, Anastasia Kozak, and Trenna Sharpe

Oh, that the answer may always be ocean. / Oh yes, until the storm comes,

Breaking Hallelujahs and I Felt the Earth Spin Today by Gerardo Tony Mena

Indie / Rock

An Interview with Anders Nilsen by Matthew Baker

My parents had been in a commune in San Francisco, and before that in the Peace Corps in Ethiopia with some friends. One of them, in his travels, had discovered Tintin and Asterix, and then had his interest in comics bolstered by the underground scene in San Francisco. He had a copy of a cookbook that Crumb illustrated that I found at age six or seven. I remember being fascinated and slightly disturbed.

Big Questions by Anders Nilsen

Big Questions

Thieves by Pet Lions

Rock / Pop

Thinking of Anne Frank in the Middle of Winter, Schistosoma mansoni, and Pledge by Roger Reeves

There’s a boy whose face I’ve touched, / once, like these black birds peck

Old Blues by Phil Drum

Blues / Rock

The Barbecued Man and A Brief History of the Future by Jeffrey McDaniel

I have nightmares of a crowded lunchtime street, a gust / of wind lifting my new face away, like a silk tissue,

An Interview with Molly Peacock by Kendra DeColo

I grew up watching films almost exclusively through a male gaze, and I eventually realized that there’s a male gaze in poetry. When I wrote about my sexuality, it was deliberate and joyful, a way to get a female gaze on male bodies. It’s been fun for me to write about naked men, to make a man an art object from a woman’s point of view.

Goog Comix by VGE


Photuris Lucicrescens by Lois Marie Harrod

In the loitering dusk / the lightening bugs begin / their dart and dwindle

An Interview with Aimee Bender by Claire Burgess

The worry about genre fiction is that because it operates in a kind of formulaic way, the writer will sort of turn out something that is also a formula. But that can happen with literary, realistic fiction, too, and in fact when it does it’s even more dastardly, because it’s sort of like faking something that’s supposed to be elevated.

Asphalt Grass by Factory Of Lights

Pop / Folk

Bildungsroman by Brittany Cavallaro

Her mother’s lips still the color / of the yew berries that could not / be eaten in threes

Silly Bears by Akron/Family

Experimental / Folk

The Miller’s Daughter by Ellen O’Connell

Ballet was something to say with your arms and legs and feet, and you said it to Baryshnikov and anyone else watching. Ballet was not something you talked about, it was something you did.

An Interview with Lydia Peelle by Rebecca Bernard

I think that our place—that is, the people and history, industry, altitude and architecture, flora and fauna, geology and sky of wherever we might happen to find ourselves on a particular morning—greatly influences what we do, the choices we make, the moods we fall in to—in both conscious and subconscious ways.

Alone by Noah Rothschild

Folk / Rock

Libraries by Amy Martin


The Lumberjack and the Sheep by Chris Smith

He chopped up wood with a great axe and, by special commission, he was allowed to fell a small quota of trees from Bob’s forest. He was good, but it had always been his dream to be a shepherd. This was a laughable notion considering the scarcity of livestock in England at the time, foot-and-mouth doing what it had.

Salt Marshes by Janee Baugher

Miles of coarse white. / The blue-black sky behind him like an apology.

September 1st, 1923 by Fani Papageorgiou

on a hot, clear day in Tokyo,

New Growth by Southeast Engine

Folk / Indie

An Interview with Jericho Brown by Kendra DeColo

What might be different in this book is the question of how people of my own generation feel about me being both black and gay. And when I say ‘me,’ I don’t mean me, obviously. I’m really interested in this other thing you said earlier—what’s the real Jericho Brown?

Langston Blue by Jericho Brown

Blues for the angels kicked out / Of heaven. Blues for the angels / Who miss them still. Blues for / My people and whatever water / They know. O weary drinkers

Roy the Reading Rhino by Good Gang Music Factory


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Cover Art by Anders Nilsen