Spring 2010 Table of Contents

Southern Light and Honeycombed by Rickey Laurentiis

What more / are porches made for if not for rain? I know if it / were honey and fell steady as it does now / to make sweet candy of the roads, we’d be out there.

Chicano Codices Presents: Tamale Man #2 by Eric Garcia

Tamale Man #2 - Panel 2

The Margins of Tolerance by Eric Sasson

When you reach your late thirties, certain things are expected of you. Parker and I had already done the bar circuit, the clubs, the parties, Fire Island, Provincetown. We had tweaked, X-ed, G-ed, snorted, sniffed, passed out, blacked out, ménage-d and beyond. Sometimes we still did, but four years into our relationship, we knew that, for the most part, this would soon be behind us.

Modern Drift by Efterklang

Orchestral Indie

Flood and Egypt by Jeff Harms

Indie / Soul

Backfire 2 and Energumen by Heather Derr-Smith

I want to be your young wife / Thirty hours pregnant, / Neruda opened at my pelvis.

An Interview with Salvador Plascencia by Matthew Baker

“I’ll be the first to admit that the level of discourse has at times resembled the type of smack you would hear in a junior high cafeteria. And I’m not beyond slumping to it here.”

Willie by Nora Jane Struthers

Americana / Folk

The Hand by Dark Dark Dark

Chamber Folk

The Halloween They All Dressed As Darth Vader by John Minichillo

Mom said not to say anything to Ryan Miller either, which wasn’t easy, since I saw him all the time.  Now in the back of my mind I was always singing, “Ryan Miller, we’re suing your rich ass!”

Powdered Milk by Keiler Roberts


A Winner Needs A Wand by Sufjan Stevens

Indie Folk / Baroque Pop

Elephant by Yaul Perez-Stable Husni

Elephant, Elephant! / Tell me again of the time / you climbed / up the Homa mountain,

Lord God Bird by Pamela Main

By this time, she knew he often intertwined fact and fiction. Like the time they lived in Paris, when Amir told her about the man from Afghanistan who had died from a painful toe (she’d had one at the time).  Was there a man?  Was he from Afghanistan?  Could a human being die of a pain in the toe?

Divergence by Paul Epp

Jazz Symphony

Don’t Leave by Tyler James

Pop / Rock

An Interview with Maira Kalman by Matthew Baker

“There are procrastination rituals.  Washing the dishes.  Etc.  But I think of those acts as clearing the mind while water is running.  Like working near a stream.”

All We Need by The Farewell Drifters

Bluegrass / Folk Pop

Gastarbeiter by Peter Jurmu

“You don’t like training?  Don’t need this job?  Fuck off, then.  I’ll tell them you got cold feet, decided to see Europe, get married.  You’ll see how well-lubed the EEA’s revolving door is as far as non-citizens like ourselves are concerned.”

Eat by JooHee Yoon


I Need More Green Than Grey by Symbion Project

Downbeat / Electronica

Dog Walkers Of The New Age by Breathe Owl Breathe

Chamber Folk

An Interview with Beth Bachmann by Kendra DeColo

“There is something to be said for imminent danger and the threat of dog-on-dog violence.  Things wild, things bred.”

Our Lady of the CandelabraOur Lady of the Pomegranate, and or the apple-russet silk by Sarah Maclay

We can nearly taste it. We can hear it rustle / as she moves, as she must, / eventually.

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Cover Art by Maira Kalman