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Nashville Review was founded with two guiding principles: that our venue would be inclusive to all forms of storytelling, and that it would be both free and available to everyone. Thus, NR seeks to feature those forms of writing not often recognized as literature—music, comics, film, creative nonfiction, oral storytelling, dance, drama, art—alongside the more traditional forms of fiction and poetry. It is published entirely online, and its readership includes visitors from over 100 countries.

NR is edited by the MFA students at Vanderbilt University. The NR jukebox was designed by Susanna Kwan.

Fall 2013 Masthead

Editor-in-Chief: Edgar Kunz

Fiction EditorsMaggie Zebracka, Reid Douglass, Anna Silverstein, Marysa LaRowe, Sadie Andros, Katy Cesarotti, Savanna Walker, Simon Han

Poetry EditorsSara Strong, Cara Dees, Anders Carlson-Wee, Simone Wolff, Alicia Brandewie

Nonfiction EditorsLee Conell, Reid Douglass, Anne Charlton, Anna Silverstein

Music EditorReid Douglass

Comics EditorCara Dees

Performance Arts EditorSara Strong

Community CoordinatorsAnne Charlton, Claire Jimenez

Founding Editors: Matthew Baker, Claire Burgess, Kendra DeColo, Lisa Dordal, Robert Funke, Zachary Greenberg, Susanna Kwan, Andrew Rahal, Valerie Sullivan

Contributing Editors: Honor Moore, Kevin Wilson, Thomas Lux, Howard Cruse, Rebecca Makkai, Ander Monson, Salvatore Scibona, Sarah Maclay, Chris Bachelder, Heather Sellers, Imad Rahman, Patrick O’Keeffe, Derrick Brown

Den Mother: Alice Randall

(Head Editors in italics)

Submission Guidelines

Nashville Review seeks to publish the best in traditional and nontraditional genres – from literary fiction, poetry and nonfiction, to comics, short films, music and other performance arts. Both distinguished and emerging artists are encouraged to submit.

Reading Periods

Nashville Review considers fiction, poetry, and nonfiction only during these three reading periods:
_____January 1 – February 1
_____May 1 – June 1
_____September 1 – October 1
Fiction, poetry, and nonfiction submitted outside of these reading periods cannot be considered. While we understand this may seem inconvenient, we opt for shorter, more frequent reading periods so that we can give quicker responses to our submitters, thus offering more opportunities to submit throughout the year.

Because of the low volume of submissions we receive in comics, music, film, dance, oral storytelling and oral poetry, these genres are encouraged to submit year round.

General Guidelines

All submissions may be made through our online submissions manager.

We DO NOT accept email submissions.

All submissions must be previously unpublished (in print or electronic form).

As of Summer 2012, we are now paying contributors!
_____Fiction, nonfiction, comics, film, and dance contributors are offered a flat fee of $100 per selection.
_____Oral story poetry and oral storytelling contributors are offered $50 per selection.
_____Poetry contributors are offered $25 per poem.
_____Cover artists are offered $100 per selection.

See below for genre specific guidelines.

Fiction Guidelines

We welcome flash fiction, short stories, and novel excerpts of up to 8,000 words. No genre or children’s fiction. Please submit only once per reading period.

Poetry Guidelines

Between two and five poems may be submitted at a time.

Nonfiction Guidelines

Up to 8,000 words.

Additional comments from current Nonfiction Editor, Lee Conell:

We’re interested in a wide range of approaches to creative nonfiction. The subject matter matters less than the angle of perception, the way a piece shifts or develops our understanding on something in the real world we thought we knew.

Comics Guidelines

We’re seeking literary comics—comics that are more than simply funny or gory. Think Shaun Tan’s The Arrival, Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan, Maira Kalman’s The Principles of Uncertainty, Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons, Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese, anything by Nilsen or Moebius or Tomine or Tezuka. We’d love to see anything from one-page comics to excerpts from graphic novels.

Additional comments from current Comics Editor, Cara Dees:

Some of the artists we admire are Craig Thompson, Marjane Satrapi, Maira Kalman, and Adrian Tomine. We prefer comics that are highly developed both linguistically and artistically, that show acute attention to detail and a willingness to experiment with graphic art.

Music Guidelines

We prefer exclusive tracks: live recordings, studio versions, unreleased songs, remixes, and so on. But we’re happy to consider anything.

Performance Arts Guidelines – for Film, Drama, Dance, Oral Storytelling, Oral Poetry, And So On

Filmmakers, dancers, and performance artists of all kinds interested in submitting their work should contact the Editor at  thenashvillereview@gmail.com. Oral storytelling and poetry submitted through our submissions manager must be in audio formats. Video formats can be sent to the above email.

Cover Art

Paintings, drawings, and photography may be submitted for cover art as attachments to the Editor at thenashvillereview@gmail.com.

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