May 25, 2016


Research News:

Next Step for Biden Cancer Effort: National Summit in June

Joe Biden is set to host a national cancer research summit next month, the executive director of his initiative announced Tuesday — giving the vice president another chance to put his "moonshot" project in the spotlight in his final months in office. The summit, to take place in Washington on June 29, will bring together researchers, cancer survivors, patient advocates, federal agency officials, data and technology experts, oncologists, and philanthropists in an attempt to add momentum to Biden's initiative. The White House is also trying to organize smaller summits throughout the country — at least one in each state . . . (Stat News - May 24, 2016)

Universities Oppose Proposed Rules on Research Involving International Students

Organizations that represent research universities have been negotiating with federal agencies over proposed regulations that they fear would effectively prevent many international students from participating in studies financed by business. Currently international students generally may work on basic research, but there are more restrictions on classified research. The new regulations would make research subject to proprietary review by corporate sponsors ineligible for the basic research exemption. Such a rule would exclude international students from too many studies, and would not provide essential protections to American interests, the groups argue. (Inside Higher Ed - May 23, 2016)

WH Threatens to Veto House Energy and Water Spending Bill

The White House on Monday threatened to veto the House's energy and water spending bill due up on the floor this week. The House will consider its $37.4 billion energy and water spending package for 2017 as early as Tuesday. In an Office of Management and Budget statement, the administration rejected those "highly problematic ideological provisions," as well spending levels within the bill. In particular, the statement said the bill should increase funding for Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) and energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. (The Hill - May 23, 2016)

181 Democrats Join Call to End House Fetal-Tissue Probe

All but a handful of House Democrats are calling on Speaker Paul D. Ryan to disband the special committee established last year to probe connections between abortion providers and medical researchers, accusing the panel of "continued abuses which jeopardize the integrity of the House and the safety of Americans." The new letter, signed by 180 of 188 House Democrats, raises the protests to a new level, asking Ryan (R-Wis.) for a written response to their accusations of harassment, intimidation and McCarthyism on the part of the panel's Republican members and staff. (Washington Post - May 24, 2016)

Political Battles Color Congressional Feud Over Zika Funding

The feud on Capitol Hill over responding to the rapidly spreading Zika virus would seem to be largely a fight over how much money is needed to fight the mosquito-borne scourge. But lurking just beneath the surface are issues that have long stirred partisan mistrust, including Republicans' fears about the use of taxpayer money for abortion and possible increased use of contraception, and Democratic worries about protecting the environment from potentially dangerous pesticides. The ancillary political issues have added an extra layer of complication that could further delay a final agreement on legislation to provide emergency funds to fight the virus . . . (New York Times - May 24, 2016)

2016 Presidential Campaign:

Everyone's Waiting for Trump's Higher-Education Platform. In the Meantime, Here are Some Clues.

What might a Donald J. Trump presidency mean for higher education? [I]t's not an easy question to answer. Some observers have speculated from Mr. Trump's experience with Trump University . . . that he would support for-profit colleges. In the absence of such details, news outlets, think tanks, and higher-education groups have documented Mr. Trump's past statements on education, and despite his decades in the public eye, what they've come up with provides only hints. (Chronicle of Higher Education - May 24, 2016)

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