American Sociological Review
Volume 80, Number 2, April 2015

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Dignity and Dreams: What the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Means to Low-Income Families Jennifer Sykes, Katrin Križ, Kathryn Edin, and Sarah Halpern-Meekin

Paradoxes of Social Policy: Welfare Transfers, Relative Poverty, and Redistribution Preferences David Brady and Amie Bostic

Executive Compensation, Fat Cats, and Best Athletes Jerry W. Kim, Bruce Kogut, and Jae-Suk Yang

Do Women Suffer from Network Closure? The Moderating Effect of Social Capital on Gender Inequality in a Project-Based Labor Market, 1929 to 2010 Mark Lutter

International Human Rights and Domestic Income Inequality: A Difficult Case of Compliance in World Society Wade M. Cole

The Dynamics of Opportunity and Insurgent Practice: How Black Anti-colonialists Compelled Truman to Advocate Civil Rights Joshua Bloom

Protest Campaigns and Movement Success: Desegregating the U.S. South in the Early 1960s Michael Biggs and Kenneth T. Andrews

After State Socialism: The Political Origins of Transitional Recessions Andrew G. Walder, Andrew Isaacson, and Qinglian Lu

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