American Sociological Review
Volume 80, Number 1, February 2015

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2014 Presidential Address

Cultural Knowledge and Social Inequality Annette Lareau


Category Taken-for-Grantedness as a Strategic Opportunity: The Case of Light Cigarettes, 1964 to 1993 Greta Hsu and Stine Grodal

Can Ratings Have Indirect Effects? Evidence from the Organizational Response to Peers’ Environmental Ratings Amanda J. Sharkey and Patricia Bromley

Traditional, Modern, and Post-Secular Perspectives on Science and Religion in the United States Timothy L. O’Brien and Shiri Noy

Can We Finish the Revolution? Gender, Work-Family Ideals, and Institutional Constraint David S. Pedulla and Sarah Thébaud

The Price of Protection: A Trajectory Analysis of Civil Remedies for Abuse and Women’s Earnings Melanie M. Hughes and Lisa D. Brush

Capturing Culture: A New Method to Estimate Exogenous Cultural Effects Using Migrant Populations Javier G. Polavieja

Pulling Closer and Moving Apart: Interaction, Identity, and Influence in the U.S. Senate, 1973 to 2009 Christopher C. Liu and Sameer B. Srivastava

Contact Theory in a Small-Town Settler-Colonial Context: The Reproduction of Laissez-Faire Racism in Indigenous-White Canadian Relations Jeffrey S. Denis

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