American Sociological Review
Volume 80, Number 4, August 2015

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The (Re)genesis of Values: Examining the Importance of Values for Action Andrew Miles

Lifetime Socioeconomic Status, Historical Context, and Genetic Inheritance in Shaping Body Mass in Middle and Late Adulthood Hexuan Liu and Guang Guo

Family Structure Transitions and Child Development: Instability, Selection, and Population Heterogeneity Dohoon Lee and Sara McLanahan

Positioning Multiraciality in Cyberspace: Treatment of Multiracial Daters in an Online Dating Website Celeste Vaughan Curington, Ken-Hou Lin, and Jennifer Hickes Lundquist

Us and Them: Black-White Relations in the Wake of Hispanic Population Growth Maria Abascal

The Historical Demography of Racial Segregation Angelina Grigoryeva and Martin Ruef

Toward a New Macro-Segregation? Decomposing Segregation within and between Metropolitan Cities and Suburbs Daniel T. Lichter, Domenico Parisi, and Michael C. Taquino

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