American Sociological Review
Volume 80, Number 3, June 2015

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Her Support, His Support: Money, Masculinity, and Marital Infidelity Christin L. Munsch

Ideals as Anchors for Relationship Experiences Margaret Frye and Jenny Trinitapoli

Neighborhood Foreclosures, Racial/Ethnic Transitions, and Residential Segregation Matthew Hall, Kyle Crowder, and Amy Spring

Ethnic Diversity and Social Trust: Evidence from the Micro-Context Peter Thisted Dinesen and Kim Mannemar Sønderskov

Ancestry Matters: Patrilineage Growth and Extinction Xi Song, Cameron D. Campbell, and James Z. Lee

Historical Sociology’s Puzzle of the Missing Transitions: A Case Study of Early Modern Japan Mark Cohen

Collective Labor Rights and Income Inequality Jasmine Kerrissey

A Dynamic Process Model of Private Politics: Activist Targeting and Corporate Receptivity to Social Challenges Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Brayden G King, and Sarah A. Soule

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