American Sociological Review
Volume 80, Number 6, December 2015

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Working for Free in the VIP: Relational Work and the Production of Consent Ashley Mears

Brokers and the Earnings of Female Sex Workers in India David Brady, Monica Biradavolu, and Kim M. Blankenship

Accounting for the Child in the Transmission of Party Identification Christopher Ojeda and Peter K. Hatemi

“Both Sides of the Story”: History Education in Post-Apartheid South Africa Chana Teeger

All That Is Solid: Bench-Building at the Frontiers of Two Experimental Sciences David Peterson

Altared States: Legal Structuring and Relationship Recognition in the United States, Canada, and Australia Mary Bernstein and Nancy A. Naples

Prayers, Protest, and Police: How Religion Influences Police Presence at Collective Action Events in the United States, 1960 to 1995 Kraig Beyerlein, Sarah A. Soule, and Nancy Martin

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