American Sociological Review
Volume 79, Number 4, August 2014

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Beauty and Status: The Illusion of Exchange in Partner Selection? Elizabeth Aura McClintock

The Reversal of the Gender Gap in Education and Trends in Marital Dissolution Christine R. Schwartz and Hongyun Han

Educational Segregation, Tea Party Organizations, and Battles over Distributive Justice Rory McVeigh, Kraig Beyerlein, Burrel Vann Jr., and Priyamvada Trivedi

Shaming the Corporation: The Social Production of Targets and the Anti-Sweatshop Movement Tim Bartley and Curtis Child

Resource Partitioning and the Organizational Dynamics of “Fringe Banking” Giacomo Negro, Fabiana Visentin, and Anand Swaminathan

The Role of Bridging Cultural Practices in Racially and Socioeconomically Diverse Civic Organizations Ruth Braunstein, Brad R. Fulton, and Richard L. Wood

Divergent Pathways of Gentrification: Racial Inequality and the Social Order of Renewal in Chicago Neighborhoods Jackelyn Hwang and Robert J. Sampson

Union Strength, Neoliberalism, and Inequality: Contingent Political Analyses of U.S. Income Differences since 1950 David Jacobs and Lindsey Myers

Ethnic Identification and Its Consequences for Measuring Inequality in Mexico Andrés Villarreal

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The Making of Higher Education Inequality: How Do Mechanisms and Pathways Depend on Competition? Tony Tam and Jin Jiang

Continuing to Build a Theory of Inequality in Higher Education: Claims, Evidence, and Future Directions Sigal Alon

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