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Kimballconnect (verb \ˈkə nekt\): Bring together or into contact; join together so as to provide access and communication; form a relationship or feel an affinity. Late Middle English origin. From Latin connectere: from con (together) + nectare (bind)

It was my honor and a privilege to speak to the Class of 2013 during Vanderbilt's recent Commencement activities. I assured this remarkably talented class that we, their 125,000-strong alumni network, have a vested interest in their ongoing success. When they are successful, they increase the value of our education.

My principle message, however, was one that behooves us all to remember. There is immense power in our alma mater's Alumni Association—as long as we remain connected and engaged. There are alumni in every corner of the world—from Dallas to Delhi, Boston to Beijing, and Kansas to Korea. Chapter events, LinkedIn groups, VUconnect and Twitter are but a few ways to remain active with your university, your college friends and professional relationships that have Vanderbilt as a common link.

One of my favorite ways to stay connected is through Homecoming and Reunion events. Consider joining us on campus October 3–5. There is something planned for everyone! You might enjoy hearing a panel discuss the hot topic of college admissions, or join Vice Chancellor David Williams as he describes Motown music and its influences. You can watch Vanderbilt "anchor down" on Missouri, and dance the night away at the All-Class dance.

Regardless of how you choose—stay connected. Tap into the power and energy of 125,000 alumni around the world.

Vanderbilt is for Life.
Carroll Kimball

Carroll Kimball, BA'84
President, Vanderbilt Alumni Association

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