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US Education Concepts and Communication (USECC)

Discipline Specific

Program Description

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USECC Instructor and Students

This Fall semester program is designed to support incoming students who have a first language other than English at the Peabody School of Education with the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary to benefit more fully from their academic program. This program combines advanced-level language instruction with orientation and cultural activities.

Program Objectives:

  • Adapt more quickly to the Peabody environment
  • Communicate effectively in group and individual presentations
  • Develop critical-thinking and discussion skills
  • Increase reading and writing efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recognize and use academic vocabulary related to education
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of authentic English samples
  • Develop confidence in understanding real-world English
  • Develop skills to interact with native speakers
  • Begin to do educational research
USECC Student Presentations


Students are given enrollment information prior to the course.