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Steven Goodbred Jr.

Steve GoodbredAssociate Professor
Office: 5733 Science & Engineering Bldg
Phone: (615) 343-6424
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Ph.D. College of William & Mary, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, 1999
M.S. University of South Florida, 1994
B.S. Boston University, 1991


  • Sedimentary Systems
  • Quaternary Environments
  • Coastal, Marine, and Deltaic Processes

Selected Publications

*Rogers, K.G., and Goodbred, Jr., S.L., 2010. Mass failures associated with the passage of a large tropical cyclone over the Swatch of No Ground submarine canyon (Bay of Bengal). Geology, 38:1051-1055.

*Kolker, A.S., Goodbred, Jr., S.L., Hameed, S., and Cochran, J.K., 2009. High-resolution records of the response of coastal systems to long-term and short-term sea level variability. Estuarine, Coastal, and Shelf Science, 84: 493-508.

*Weinman, B.A., Goodbred, Jr., S.L., Zheng, Y., Aziz, Z., Steckler, M., van Geen, A., Singhvi, A., and Nagar, Y.C., 2008. Contributions of floodplain stratigraphy and evolution to the spatial patterns of groundwater arsenic in Araihazar, Bangladesh. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 120: 1567–1580.

Goodbred, Jr., S.L., 2003. Response of the Ganges dispersal system to climate change: a source-to-sink view since the last interstade. Sedimentary Geology, 162:83-104.

Goodbred, Jr., S.L., Kuehl, S.A., 2000. Enormous Ganges-Brahmaputra sediment load during strengthened early Holocene monsoon. Geology, 28:1083-1086.
*student authors