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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University
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Working Papers Series 2011:


11-W01 A Unified Approach to Strategy-Proofness for Single-Peaked Preferences, John A. Weymark, January 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W02R Developing Country Second-Mover Advantage in Competition over Environmental Standards and Taxes, Valeska Groenert and Ben Zissimos, January 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W03 The Advantages of Association: Know-How Sharing and Innovation Adoption in Four Brazilian Cities, Isleide Zissimos, January 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W04 Dominant Strategy Implementation with a Convex Product Space of Valuations, Katherine Cuff, Sunghoon Hong, Jesse Schwartz, Quan Wen, and John A. Weymark, May 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W05 Pampered Bureaucracy, Political Stability, and Trade Integration, Caleb Stroup and Benjamin Zissimos, June 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W06 Search, Bargaining, and Agency in the Market for Legal Services, Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, June 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W07 Economic Analysis of Products Liability: Theory, Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, June 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W08 Intergenerational Intermediation and Altruistic Preferences, Benjamin Eden, August 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W09 Social Conflict and the Stolper-Samuelson Theorem, Ben Zissimos, September 2011. [abstract] [article]

11-W10 Data Revisions, Gradualism, and US Inflation Pressure in Real Time, Pierre L. Siklos and Diana N. Weymark, September 2011.[abstract] [article]

11-W11 Examining the Distributional Effects of Military Service on Earnings: A Test of Initial Dominance, Christopher J. Bennett and Ricardas Zitikis, September 2011.[abstract] [article]

11-W12R Incentives in Merchant Empires: Portuguese and Dutch Compensation Schemes, Claudia Rei, September 2011, revised November 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W13 Equilibrium Parallel Import Policies and International Market Structure, Santanu Roy and Kamal Saggi, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W14 Market Power in the Global Economy: The Exhaustion and Protection of Intellectual Property, Kamal Saggi, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W15 Size Inequality, Coordination Externalities and International Trade Agreements, Nuno Limão and Kamal Saggi, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W16 On the Relationship between Preferential and Multilateral Trade Liberalization: The Case of Customs Unions, Kamal Saggi, Alan Woodland and Halis Murat Yildiz, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W17 Strategic Competition and Optimal Parallel Import Policy, Santanu Roy and Kamal Saggi, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W18 The Economics of Cloud Computing, Ergin Bayrak, John Conley and Simon Wilkie, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W19 Living with a Monetary System Infected by Bubbles, Benjamin Eden, September 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W20 Do Sticky Prices Increase Real Exchange Rate Volatility at the Sector Level? Mario J. Crucini, Mototsugu Shinatni, and Takayuki Tsuruga, November 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W21 International Risk-Sharing and Commodity Prices, Martin Berka, Mario J. Crucini, and Chi-Wei Wang, November 2011. [abstract] [article]
11-W22 Incentives and the Effects of Publication Lags on Life Cycle Research Productivity in Economics, John P. Conley, Mario J. Crucini, Robert A. Driskill, and Ali Sina Onder, November 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W23 Turning Points in Leadership: Shipping Technology in the Portuguese and Dutch Merchant Empires, Claudia Rei, November 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W24 Director Histories and the Pattern of Acquisitions, Peter Rousseau and Caleb Stroup, November 2011.[abstract] [article]
11-W25 Cumulative Harm and Resilient Liability Rules for Product Markets, Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, December 2011.[abstract] [article]