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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University
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2301 Vanderbilt Place Nashville, TN 37235-1819 

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Working Papers Series 2010:


10-W01R A Defense of the Current US Tax Treatment of Employer-Provided Medical Insurance,
Kevin X. D. Huang and Gregory W. Huffman, February 2010, revised October 2011. [abstract] [article]

10-W02 Why Are Trade Agreements Regional?
Ben Zissimos, March 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W03 How Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxes Change When the Distribution of the Population Changes,
Craig Brett and John A. Weymark, April 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W04 Pampered Bureaucracy and Trade Liberalization,
Caleb Stroup and Ben Zissimos, April 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W05 What Does Intercollegiate Athletics Do To or For Colleges and Universities?
Malcolm Getz and John Siegfried, May 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W06 Syphilis Cycles
David Aaland, David Finoff, and Kevin X.D. Huang, May 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W07 Increasing Returns and Unsynchronized Wage Adjustment in Sunspot Models of the Business Cycle,
Kevin X.D. Huang and Qinglai Meng, May 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W08 Subgame Perfect Cooperation in an Extensive Game,
Myrna Wooders and Parkash Chander, June 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W09 Clients, Lawyers, Second Opinions, and Agency, Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, June 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W10 Strategic Network Interdiction,
Sunghoon Hong and Myrna Wooders, June 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W11 Consumption Smoothing and the Equity Premium,
Benjamin Eden, November 2010. [abstract] [article]

10-W12R Developing Country Second-Mover Advantage in Competition over Environmental Standards and Taxes,
Valeska Groenert, Myrna Wooders, and Ben Zissimos, October 2010, (revision of 09-W09). [abstract] [article]

10-W13 The Economic Effects of Slum Clearance and Urban Renewal in the United States,
William J. Collins and Katharine L. Shester, October 2010. [abstract] [article]