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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University
VU Station B #351819
2301 Vanderbilt Place Nashville, TN 37235-1819 

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Working Papers Series 2007:


07-W01 A Class of Chronic Poverty Measures,
James E. Foster, January 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W02 Efficient Barriers to Trade: A Sequential Trade Model with Heterogeneous Agents,
Benjamin Eden, January 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W03 Communicating Quality: A Unified Model of Disclosure and Signaling,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, January 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W04 Is Forward-Looking Inflation Targeting Destabilizing?
The Role of Policy's Response to Current Output under Endogenous Investment,
Kevin X.D. Huang and Qinglai Meng, February 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W05 A Subsidized Vickrey Auction for Cost Sharing,
Jesse A. Schwartz and Quan Wen, April 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W06 Perfect Equilibria in a Negotiation Model with Different Time Preferences,
Harold Houba and Quan Wen, April 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W07 Dominance Criteria for Critical-Level Generalized Utilitarianism,
Alain Trannoy and John A. Weymark, May 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W08R The Impact of Changing Skill Levels on Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxes,
Craig Brett and John A. Weymark, May 2007, revised November 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W09 Are Financial Development and Corruption Control Substitutes in Promoting Growth?
Christian Ahlin and Jiaren Pang, May 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W10 Public Good Differentiation and the Intensity of Tax Competition
Ben Zissimos and Myrna Wooders, June 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W11 Temptation and Self-Control: Some Evidence and Applications
Kevin X.D. Huang, Zheng Liu, and John Q. Zhu, August 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W12 Overconfidence and Consumption over the Life Cycle
Frank Caliendo and Kevin X.D. Huang, August 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W13 Mass Torts and the Incentives for Suit, Settlement, and Trial
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, August 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W14 Fianacial Intermediaries, Markets, and Growth
Falko Fecht, Kevin X.D. Huang, and Antoine Martin, August 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W15 Liquidity, Equity Premium and Participation
Benjamin Eden, September 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W16 Rationalizing Seven Consumption-Saving Puzzles in a Unified Framework
Kevin X.D. Huang and Frank Caliendo, October 2007. [abstract] [article]

07-W17 The Friedman Rule in an Overlapping Generations Model: Social Security in Reverse
Benjamin Eden, November 2007. [abstract] [article]