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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

Department of Economics, Vanderbilt University
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Working Papers Series 2006:


06-W01R Relaxing Tax Competition through Public Good Differentiation,
Ben Zissimos and Myrna Wooders, January 2006, revised November 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W02 Tax Competition Reconsidered,
Amrita Dhillon, Myrna Wooders, and Ben Zissimos, January 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W03R Social Choice: Recent Developments,
Walter Bossert and John A. Weymark, January 2006, revised March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W04R Measuring the Impact of Intervention on Exchange Market Pressure,
Pierre L. Siklos and Diana N. Weymark, March 2006, revised November 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W05 Where Are They Now? Tracking th Ph.D. Class of 1997,
Wendy A. Stock and John J. Siegfried, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W06 Simon Rottenberg and Baseball, Then and Now: A 50th Aninversary Retrospective,
Allen R. Sanderson and John J. Siegfried, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W07 John Charles Harsanyi,
John A. Weymark, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W08 Attrition in Economics Ph.D. Programs,
Wendy A. Stock, T. Aldrich Finegan, and John J. Siegfried, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W09 Matriculation in U.S. Economics Ph.D. Programs: How Many Accepted Americans Do Not Enroll?
Wendy A. Stock, T. Aldrich Finegan, and John J. Siegfried, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W10 Menu Costs and Markov Inflation: A Theoretical Revision with New Evidence,
Christian Ahlin and Mototsugu Shintani, March 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W11 The Undergraduate Origins of Ph.D. Economists,
John J. Siegfried and Wendy A. Stock, May 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W12 The Economic Impact of Colleges and Universities,
John J. Siegfried, Allen R. Sanderson, and Peter McHenry, May 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W13 Hidden Talents: Partnerships with Pareto-Improving Private Information,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, June 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W14 Strategic Basins of Attraction, the Path Dominance Core, and Network Formation Games,
Frank H. Page Jr. and Myrna Wooders, June 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W15 Protests and Reputation,
Lucia Buenrostro, Amrita Dhillon, and Myrna Wooders, July 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W16 Persistence in Law-Of-One-Price Deviations: Evidence from Micro-Data,
Mario J. Crucini and Mototsugu Shintani, December 2002, revised July 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W17 International Real Business Cycles,
Mario J. Crucini, July 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W18R Hicksian Surplus Measures of Individual Welfare Change When There is Price and Income Uncertainty,
Charles Blackorby, David Donaldson, and John A. Weymark, August 2006, revised March 2007. [abstract] [article]

06-W19 The GATT and Gradualism,
Ben Zissimos, August 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W20 Cournot Competition,
Andrew F. Daughety, October 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W21 Hotelling Was Right About Snob/Congestion Goods (Asymptotically),
Christian Ahlin and Peter Ahlin, October 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W22 International Seigniorage Payments,
Benjamin Eden, November 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W23 The Structure and Performance of the World Market in a Cobb-Douglas Example,
Ben Zissimos, November 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W24 Determinants of Slave Prices: Louisiana, 1725 to 1820,
Ashley N. Coleman and William K. Hutchinson, December 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W25 Products Liability, Signaling and Disclosure,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, December 2006. [abstract] [article]

06-W26 On Indeterminacy in Two Sector Models with Factor Market Distortions: The Importance of VIPIRS,
Eric W. Bond and Robert A. Driskill, December 2006. [abstract] [article]