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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

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Working Papers Series 2004:


04-W01 The Labor Market for New Ph.D.s in 2002,
John J. Siegfried and Wendy A. Stock, January 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W02 Crime, Ethics and Occupational Choice: Endogenous Sorting in a Closed Model,
John P. Conley and Ping Wang, January 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W03 Existence and Efficiency of a Price-Taking Equilibrium in an Economy with Public Goods, Externalities, and Property Rights: A Coasian Approach,
John P. Conley and Stefani C. Smith, January 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W04 Rational Ambiguity and Monitoring the Central Bank,
Maria Demertzis and Andrew Hughes Hallett, February 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W05 The Sensisvity of Capital Use to Price in Higher Education,
Malcolm Getz and John J. Siegfried, February 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W06 Investment Under Monetary Uncertainty: A Panel Data Investigation,
Andrew Hughes Hallett, Gert Peersman, and Laura Piscitelli, April 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W07 The Impact of Cash Transfers on Child Labor and School Attendance in Brazil,
Eliana Cardoso and Andre Portela Souza, April 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W08 The Dispersion of Intra-Household Human Capital Across Children: A Measurement Strategy and Evidence,
Andrew W. Horowitz and Andre Portela Souza, April 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W09R Strategy-Proofness and the Tops-Only Property,
John A. Weymark, April 2004, revised September 2006. [abstract] [article]

04-W10 The Economic Aftermath of the 1960s Riots in American Cities: Evidence from Property Values,
William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, May 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W11 Ideology, Government, and the American Dilemma,
Robert A. Margo, May 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W12 Wage Bargaining under the National Labor Relations Act,
Jesse A. Schwartz and Quan Wen, May 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W13 The Political Economy of State Fair-Housing Laws Prior to 1968,
William J. Collins, June 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W14 Open-Access Scholarly Publishing: In Economic Perspective,
Malcolm Getz, June 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W15R Public Good Provision and the Comparative Statics of Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation,
Craig Brett and John A. Weymark, June 2004, revised May 2006. [abstract] [article]

04-W16 The Wage Gains of African-American Women in the 1940s,
Martha J. Bailey and William J. Collins, June 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W17 Competition and Confidentiality: Signaling Quality in a Duopoly when there is Universal Private Information,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, July 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W18 A Dynamic Factor Approach to Nonlinear Stability Analysis,
Mototsugu Shintani, August 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W19 Estimation and Model Selection of Semiparametric Copula-Based Multivariate Dynamic Models under Copula Misspecification,
Xiaohong Chen and Yanqin Fan, September 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W20 Efficient Estimation of Semiparametric Multivariate Copula Models,
Xiaohong Chen, Yanqin Fan, and Victor Tsyrennikov, September 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W21 A Model Selection Test for Bivariate Failure-Time Data,
Xiaohong Chen and Yanqin Fan, October 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W22 Substitution and Risk Aversion: Is Risk Aversion Important for Understanding Asset Prices?
Benjamin Eden, November 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W23 Social Saving of the Panama Canal
William K. Hutchinson and Ricardo Ungo, December 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W24R Measuring Inflation Pressure and Monetary Policy Response: A General Approach Applied to US Data 1966 - 2001
Diana N. Weymark and Mototsugu Shintani, December 2004, revised November 2006. [abstract] [article]

04-W25 Inequality in Child Academic Achievement in Single Parent Households: Evidence from Brazil
Andrew W. Horowitz and Andre portela Souza, December 2004. [abstract] [article]

04-W26 Investing in Health: The Long-Term Impact of Head Start
Kathryn Anderson, James Foster, and David Frisvold, December 2004. [abstract] [article]