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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

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Working Papers Series 2003:


03-W01R Shared Consumption: A Technological Analysis,
John A. Weymark, February 2003, Revised July 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W02 Where Do the Children of Professors Attend College?
John J. Siegfried and Malcolm Getz, February 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W03 Merging Auction Houses,
Jesse A. Schwartz and Ricardo Ungo, February 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W04 The Housing Market Impact of State-Level Anti-Discrimination Laws 1960-1970,
William J. Collins, February 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W05 Multi-Agent Bilateral Bargaining with Endogenous Protocol,
Sang-Chul Suh and Quan Wen, February 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W06 Multi-Agent Bilateral Bargaining and the Nash Bargaining Solution,
Sang-Chul Suh and Quan Wen, March 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W07 Independent Monetary Policies and Social Equality,
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Diana N. Weymark, April 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W08 Markets, Torts and Social Inefficiency,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, April 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W09 Nonparametric Neural Network Estimation of Lyapunov Exponents and a Direct Test for Chaos, Mototsugu Shintani and Oliver Linton, May 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W10 Economic Structure, Policy Objectives, and Optimal Interest Rate Policy at Low Inflation Rates, Diana N. Weymark, May 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W11R Multidimensional Generalized Gini Indices,
Thibault Gajdos and John A. Weymark, May 2003, revised July 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W12 The Political Economy of Immigration and Income Redistribution,
Jim Dolmas and Gregory W. Huffman, May 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W13 Historical Perspectives on Racial Differences in Schooling in the United States,
William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, June 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W14R The Normative Approach to the Measurement of Multidimensional Inequality,
John A. Weymark, July 2003, revised January 2004. [abstract] [article]

03-W15 Measuring the Economic Impact of Monetary Union: The Case of Okinawa,
Shinji Takagi, Mototsugu Shintani, and Tetsuro Okamoto, July 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W16 Tariffs and the Great Depression Revisited,
Mario J. Crucini and James Kahn, July 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W17 Secrecy and Safety,
Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, September 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W18 Thinking About Competitive Balance,
Allen R. Sanderson and John J. Siegfried, September 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W19 Maximization by Parts in Likelihood Inference,
Peter X.-K. Song, Yanquin Fan, and John D. Kalbfleish, September 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W20 The College Football Association Television Broadcast Cartel,
John J. Siegfried and Molly Gardner Burba, September 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W21 Price Rigidity and Price Dispersion: Evidence from Micro Data,
Eyal Baharad and Benjamin Eden, September 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W22 Nonlinear Forecasting Analysis Using Diffusion Indexes: An Application to Japan,
Mototsugu Shintani, October 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W23 Selection into and across Credit Contracts: Theory and Field Research,
Christian Ahlin and Robert Townsend, October 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W24 The Labor Market Effects of the 1960s Riots,
William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, December 2003. [abstract] [article]

03-W25 Human Capital Allocation and Policy Intervention when there is Externality in Cities,
Neville N. Jiang and Rui Zhao, December 2003. [abstract] [article]