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Department of Economics

Working Papers

For copies of working papers please contact the author(s) at:

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Working Papers Series 2001:


01-W01 Searching for Evidence of Alternative Preferences, Public as Opposed to Private,
Clifford S. Russell, Thomas Bue Bjorner, Christopher D. Clark, January 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W02R Inflation, Income Redistribution, and Optimal Central Bank Independence,
Diana N. Weymark, January 2001, revised March 2002. [abstract] [article]

01-W03 Social Approval and Teenage Childbearing,
Anandi Mani and Charles H. Mullin, February 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W04 The Political Economy of Race and the Adoption of Fair Employment Laws,
William J. Collins, February 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W05 Creating a Standards-Based Economics Principles Course,
W. Lee Hansen, Michael K. Salemi, and John J. Siegfried, March 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W06 Part-Year Operation in Nineteenth Century American Manufacturing: Evidence from the1870 and 1880 Censuses, Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman, and Robert A. Margo, March 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W07 Ranking Investment Projects,
James E. Foster and Tapan Mitra, April 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W08 The Labor Market Impact of State-Level Anti-Discrimination Laws, 1940-1960,
William J. Collins, April 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W09 Identification and Estimation with Contaminated Data: When Does Covariate Data Sharpen Inference?
Charles H. Mullin, May 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W10 Race and Home Ownership in Twentieth Century America: The Role of Sample Composition,
William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, May 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W11 Is There Chaos in the World Economy? A Nonparametric Test Using Consistent Standard Errors,
Mototsugu Shintani and Oliver Linton, June 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W12R Market Structure and the Demand for Free Trade,
Orlando I. Balboa, Andrew F. Daughety, and Jennifer F. Reinganum, July 2001, revised December 2002. [abstract] [article] [technical appendix]

01-W13 Candidate Stability and Nonbinary Social Choice,
Lars Ehlers and John A. Weymark, July 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W14R Generalized Gini Indices of Equality of Opportunity,
John A. Weymark, August 2001, revised June 2002. [abstract] [article]

01-W15 The Economics of Regional Economics Associations,
John J. Siegfried, August 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W16 Mergers and Technological Change: 1885-1998,
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter L. Rousseau, August 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W17 Liquidity Effects in the Bond Market,
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter L. Rousseau, August 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W18 Stock Markets in the New Economy,
Boyan Jovanovic and Peter L. Rousseau, August 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W19 Financial Systems, Economic Growth, and Globalization
Peter L. Rousseau and Richard Sylla, August 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W20 Understanding European Real Exchange Rates,
Mario J. Crucini, Chris I. Telmer, and Marios Zachariadis, September 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W21 Unique Inefficient Perfect Equilibrium in a Stochastic Model of Bargaining with Complete Information, Taiji Furusawa and Quan Wen, September 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W22 Do Values of Existing Home Sales Reflect Property Values?,
Gregory W. Huffman, September 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W23 An Alternative View of Taxation and Endogenous Growth,
Gregory W. Huffman, September 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W24R Inflation Targeting, Announcements, and Imperfect Credibility,
Diana N. Weymark, October 2001, revised April 2002. [abstract] [article]

01-W25 The Pro-Trade Effect of Immigration on American Exports During Period 1870 to 1910
William K. Hutchinson, October 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W26 Corruption: Political Determinants and Macroeconomic Effects
Christian R. Ahlin, November 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W27 Optimal Pricing Under Stochastic Inflation: State-Dependent (s,S) Policies
Christian R. Ahlin, November 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W28 The Cost of Heterogeneity in a Monetary Union
Andrew Hughes Hallett and Diana N. Weymark, December 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W29R Bootstrapping GMM Estimators for Time Series
Atsushi Inoue and Mototsugu Shintani, December 2001, revised August 2003. [abstract] [article]

01-W30R "Linguistic Distance" as a Determinant of Bilateral Trade
William K. Hutchinson, December 2001, revised October 2003. [abstract] [article]

01-W31 Skill Differentiation and Income Disparity in a Decentralized Matching Model of North-South Trade
Hesham M. Abel-Rahman, George Norman, and Ping Wang, December 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W32 The Economics of 'New Blood'
Derek Laing, Theodore Palivos, and Ping Wang, December 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W33 Educational Policy in a Credit Constrained Economy with Skill Heterogeneity
John Fender and Ping Wang, December 2001. [abstract] [article]

01-W34 Anticipated Inflation, Real Disturbances and Money Demand: The Case of Chinese Hyperinflation, 1946-49
Ellis W. Tallman, De-paio Tang, and Ping Wang, December 2001.
[abstract] [article]

01-W35 Activation of a Modern Industry
Ping Wang and Danyang Xie, December 2001. [abstract] [article]