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Department of Economics

Working Papers

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Working Papers Series 2000:


00-W01R Found Money? Split-Award Statutes and Settlement of Punitive Damages Cases, Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum, January 2000, revised March 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W02 Isolated and Proximate Illiteracy
And Why these Concepts Matter in Measuring Literacy and Designing Education Programmes, Kaushik Basu, James E. Foster, and S. Subramanian, January 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W03 Pennies from eBay: the Determinants of Price in Online Auctions, Doug Bryan, David Lucking-Reiley, Naghi Prasad, and Daniel Reeves, January 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W04R Jacksonian Monetary Policy, Specie Flows, and the Panic of 1837, Peter L. Rousseau, January 2000, revised June 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W05 Dynamics in a Transactions-Based Monetary Growth Model, Sailesh K. Jha, Ping Wang, and Chong K.Yip, February 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W06 Bidding Behavior and Decision Costs in Field Experiments, John A. List and David Lucking-Reiley, March 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W07 A Simple Model of Inequality, Occupational Choice, and Development, Maitreesh Ghatak and Nien-Huei Jiang, January 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W08 The Effects of Seed Money and Refunds on Charitable Giving: Experimental Evidence from a University Capital Campaign, John A. List and David Lucking-Reiley, April 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W09 Democracy and Visibility, Anandi Mani and Sharun W. Mukand, April 2000, revised December 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W10 Fight Fire with Fire: A Model of Pollution and Growth with Cooperative Settlement, Chia-Ying Chang, Chien-Chieh Huang, and Ping Wang, April 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W11 Production Externalities and Urban Configuration, Marcus Berliant, Shin-Kun Peng, and Ping Wang, April 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W12 Race and Home Ownership: A Century-Long View, William J.Collins and Robert A. Margo, May 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W13 Dispersion in Real Exchange Rates, Mario J. Crucini, Chris I. Telmer, and Marios Zachariadis, May 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W14 Recombinant Estimation for Normal-Form Games, with Applications to Auctions and Bargaining, David Lucking-Reiley and Charles H. Mullin, May 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W15 Emerging Financial Markets and Early U.S. Growth, Peter L. Rousseau and Richard Sylla, May 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W16 Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce, David Lucking-Reiley and Daniel F. Spulber, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W17 Schumpeter's 'Vision' as Filter for his Evaluation of other Economists' Visions, Andrea Maneschi, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W18 Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen and the Filiation of Economic Ideas, Andrea Maneschi, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W19 Post-Independence India: A Case of Finance-Led Industrialization?, Clive Bell and Peter L. Rousseau, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W20 Credit Market Imperfections, Financial Activity and Economic Growth, Been-Lon Chen, Yeong-Yuh Chiang, and Ping Wang, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W21 Educational Policy and Skill Heterogeneity with Credit Market Imperfections, John Fender and Ping Wang, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W22 Money and Prices in a Multiple Matching Decentralized Trading Model, Derek Laing, Victor Li, and Ping Wang, June 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W23R Social Choice with Analytic Preferences, Michel Le Breton and John A. Weymark, June 2000, revised March 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W24 Aids Home and Community-Based Waivers: Effects on Use of Services, Expeditures and Survival, Kathryn Anderson and Jean Mitchell, July 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W25R Race and the Value of Owner-Occupied Housing, 1940-1990, William J. Collins and Robert A. Margo, July 2000, revised February 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W26 Public Versus Secret Reserve Prices in eBay Auctions: Results of Pok&eacutemon Field Experiment, Rama Katkar and David Lucking-Reiley, July 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W27 How New is the "New Trade Theory" of the Past Two Decades?, Andrea Maneschi, July 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W28 Income Distribution and the Demand Constraint, Anandi Mani, July 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W29R Candidate Stability and Nonbinary Social Choice, John A. Weymark, July 2000, revised February 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W30 Information Spillover and Economic Development, Nien-Huei Jiang, July 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W31 Factor Accumulation and Trade: Dynamic Comparative Advantage with Endogenous Physical and Human Capital, Eric W. Bond, Kathleen Trask, and Ping Wang, August 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W32 Financial Matchmakers in Credit Markets with Heterogeneous Borrowers, Zsolt Becsi, Victor Li, and Ping Wang, August 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W33 Knowledge Exchange, Matching, and Agglomeration, Marcus Berliant, Robert R. Reed III, and Ping Wang, August 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W34 Market Frictions, Technology Adoption and Economic Growth, Been-Lon Chen, Jie-Ping Mo, and Ping Wang, August 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W35 Welfare Analysis of the Number and Locations of Local Public Facilities, Marcus Berliant, Shin-Kun Peng, and Ping Wang, August 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W36 Rising Wage Dispersion Across American Manufacturing Establishments, 1850-1880, Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman, and Robert A. Margo, September 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W37 So You Want to Earn a Ph.D. in Economics: How Long Do You Think it Will Take?, John Siegfried and Wendy A. Stock, September 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W38R Financing Education Using Optimal Redistributive Taxation, Craig Brett and John A. Weymark, September 2000, revised May 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W39 Bounding Causal Effects with Contaminated and Censored Data: Reassessing the Impact of Early Childbearing on Children, Charles H. Mullin, September 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W40 Undergraduate Financial Aid and Subsequent Alumni Giving Behavior, Kelly Dugan, Charles H. Mullin, and John J. Siegfried, October 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W41 Social Approval and Occupational Choice, Anandi Mani and Charles H. Mullin, October 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W42 Technology and the Stock Market: 1885-1998, Boyan Jovanovic and Peter L. Rousseau, October 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W43R Using Taylor Rules as Efficiency Benchmarks, Diana N. Weymark, October 2000, revised September 2001. [abstract] [article]

00-W44 A Simple Cointegrating Rank Test Without Vector Autoregression, Mototsugu Shintani, September 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W45 Productivity in Manufacturing and the Length of the Working Day: Evidence from the 1880 Census of Manufactures, Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman, and Robert A. Margo, November 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W46 Determining the Optimal Sample Size for Contingent Valuation Surveys, William J. Vaughan, Clifford S. Russell, and Arthur H. Darling, April 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W47 International Trends in Economics Degrees During the 1990s. John J.Siegfried and David K. Round, November 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W48 Downtime in American Manufacturing Industry: 1870 and 1880. Jeremy Atack and Fred Bateman, November 2000. [abstract] [article]

00-W49 Is the Wicked Stepmother Just a Fairytale? Eirik Evenhouse and Siobhan Reilly, November 2000. [abstract] [article]