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Department of Economics

Undergraduate Economics

Recent Honors Theses

Senior Honors Theses 2013
(Author, title and advisor)

Ian Duncan*, “Network Theory Applied in the Voluntary Contributions Game” Myrna Wooders - Eugene Vorobeychik

Blake Thompson, “Economics of Walking and Obesity” Peter Savelyev – Federico Guiterrez

Thomas Choate*, “Partisanship in Legislative Bargaining” John Weymark – Alan Wiseman (Political Science)

Martha Babbitt, “The Role of French Language Proficiency in the Social Integration of France’s Immigrant Populations” Katheryn Anderson – Alejandro Molnar

Caroline Gieryn. “Why Do Investment Banks Continue To Fail?” Jeremy Atack – Peter Rousseau

Tyler Huber, “Rating Changes and Sovereign Bond Yields” Mario Crucini – David Parsley

Darien Paone, “An analysis of the relationship between LASIK Surgery and the popularity of ophthalmology as a specialty choice for medical students” Malcolm Getz – Kitt Carpenter

Betsy Thorne, “The Healthcare Costs of Smoking” Christina Rennhoff—Kip Viscusi

* Co-recipient of the T. Aldrich Finegan Prize for Best Honors Thesis in Economics.


Senior Honors Theses 2012
(Author, title and advisor)

Chloe Xiaoyu Qi
An extensive social choice characterization of the Michod measure of group fitness
John Weymark and Quan Wen, advisors

Xiqiao Chen
Gender Wage Gap in China from 1989-2009
Andrea Moro and Peter Savelyev, advisors

Spencer Barrett spencer.k.barrett@Vanderbilt.Edu
Specialty Choice Among Physicians
Christina Rennhoff and Frederico Gutierrez, advisors

Thesis from prior years 2008-2011: