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Department of Economics

Undergraduate Economics

Getting Started

Your first contact in the Department should be with Susan Beyler in Calhoun 415, the Staff Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. She provides information about major requirements and course offerings, assists in declaring a major, and assigns faculty advisors. For more information, see Professor Getz, Director of Undergraduate Studies, in 406 Calhoun.

Every student who majors in economics or who chooses a related minor has an individual faculty advisor. Advisors give counsel about the programs, advice on course selection, and help with academic difficulties. The Department assigns advisors to students when they declare their major or other program. The Director of the Honors Program advises prospective honors candidates. Advisors are available during their office hours or by appointment. Advisors expect students to be familiar with this website.

Declaration of Major Form

Declaration of Minor Form

Bring the Declaration of Major form or the Declaration of Minor Form to 415 Calhoun and ask for a faculty advisor.