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new The Tennessean: The Amp Will Cause Congestion. Professor Malcolm Getz predicts the effects of rapid transit in Nashville.

University of Queensland (AU) News: Internationally acclaimed economics scholars attend first APET workshop

Veterinary Practice News: Report Urges Action to Nurture Public, Food and Research Vets With more than half of veterinary students seeking training in companion animal medicine, many veterinary sectors, including academia, industry, food animal and public service, face potential shortages of qualified veterinarians that could have significant effects on public health, according to a National Research Council of the National Academies of Science report released yesterday. Malcolm Getz, associate professor of economics, is mentioned as a member of the Committee to Assess the Current and Future Workforce Needs in Veterinary Medicine.

The Tennessean: Basketball tournaments boost Nashville’s economy, profile
Besides pumping at least $15 million into the local economy, an impending cluster of basketball tournaments will further solidify Nashville’s growing stature as a sports destination, say experts.John Vrooman, senior lecturer in economics, is quoted, and a 2010 study on the state of sports in Nashville by Vanderbilt’s Center for Nashville Studies is mentioned.

The Economist: One nation overdrawn In the frantic race to save the euro, many Europeans have sought inspiration from the United States, perhaps the most successful monetary union in history. To European federalists, America demonstrates that monetary union cannot survive without fiscal union. Look more carefully, however, and the American example is more complicated. Fiscal and currency union did indeed kick-start America’s early economic development, but were not robust enough to contribute to nation-building. Peter Rousseau, professor of economics, is quoted.

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