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Department of Economics

Ph.D. Program in Economics

Economics Ph.D. Candidates
Available for positions


Placement Officer: Jennifer Reinganum


chenh  BENEDICT, Craig
(cell) 404-317-5317


Primary Fields: International Finance, Monetary/Macroeconomics
Dissertation Title: "Price Dynamics in Crisis Economies"
Job Market Paper: "On What State Do Prices Depend? Answers from Ecuador" [with Mario J. Crucini and Anthony Landry]

Advisor: Mario Crucini

chenh   FRITZDIXON, Kathryn
(cell) (717) 808-5227


Primary Fields: Consumer Finance, Applied Microeconomics
Dissertation Title:
"Essays in Consumer Finance: Topics on Auto Title Lending"
Job Market Paper: "Do Larger Loans Cause Debt Spirals? Evidence from the Tennessee Auto Title Lending Market"

Co-Advisors: Bill Collins, Paige Marta Skiba



chenh  GAO, Yuanzhi


Primary Fields: International Finance, Applied Econometrics
Dissertation Title: "Essays in Commodities and Firms"
Job Market Paper: "Linking Commodities with Equity Markets in a Non-Stationary Data-Rich Environment"

Advisor: Mario Crucini



chenh   HU, Zhongzhong


Primary Fields: International Marco, International Trade
Dissertation Title: "Productivity Dynamics and Economic Transition in China"
Job Market Paper: "Productivity, Demand and Export Growth:Evidence from Chinese Exporters" with Joel Rodrigue, Yong Tan, and Chunhai Yu

Advisor: Mario Crucini



chenh   MATHES, Michael
(cell) 770-639-2117


Primary Fields:Health Economics, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Dissertation Title: "Three Essays in Health Economics"
Job Market Paper: "Effects of Casinos on Alcohol Behaviors: Evidence from Native American Casino Openings"

Advisor: Christopher (Kitt) Carpenter



chenh   VU, Nam Tuan
(cell) 615-784-6850


Primary Fields:Macroeconomics, International Finance, and Time-series Econometrics
Dissertation Title: "Essays on International Macroeconomics"
Job Market Paper: "Accounting for the Japanese Fiscal Multipliers: Ss Interpretation meets the Zero Lower Bound?"

Advisor: Mario Crucini



chenh   ZHAO, Li (Lily)
(cell) 615-720-5806


Primary Fields:  Microeconometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Econometrics of Games
Dissertation Title:  “Essays on the Econometrics of Games of Complete Information”
Job Market Paper:  “Equilibrium Selection in Discrete Games of Complete Information: An Application the Home Improvement Industry”

Advisor: Tong Li








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