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Department of Economics

Ph.D. Program in Economics

Course Syllabi

Very Recent Course Syllabi. Always consult with the current instructor for a copy of the latest version.
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*Syllabi are accessible only to those with VU affiliation.

Mathematics for Economists (300)
Microeconomic Theory (304a, 304b, 304c)
Macroeconomic Theory (305a, 305b, 305c)
Statistics (307)
Econometrics ( 309a, 309b)
Economic History (371)

Advanced Economic Theory (333, 377)
Econometrics (373, 374, 375)
Economic Development (388b)
Economic History (366a, 366b)
Health Economics (312a, 312b)
Industrial Organization (320a, 320b)
International Economics (316, 317)
Labor Economics (329a, 329b)
Money and Financial Institutions (332a, 332b)
Public Economics(354a, 354b)

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