With Inez Macho-Stadler in a salsa club in Rio de Janeiro, August 2014. (Photographer:  David Perez Castrillo)

With Professor Jean-Marc Bonnisseau, Professor and Vice-President of Paris 1 University, who co-chaired with me the 2013 graduation ceremony of the European Doctorate Erasmus Mundus EDE-EM, part of the Paris School of Economics and jointly organized by the Universities of Amsterdam, Bielefeld, EHESS-Paris, Louvain, Paris 1 and Ca’ Foscari di Venezia, Lisbon. (Photographer: Chieko Yamada)

With Cuong Le Van, after the graduation ceremony. (Photographer: Chieko Yamada)

This is a short video of a "surprise interview" with Elizabeth Selten, the wife of Reinhard Selten.  She worked with him on experiments early in his career. Elizabeth also travels with Reinhard so I am sure that many game theorists have met her. We were having dinner in Ittenbach, a really small town in Germany.  I had just purchased a tiny tripod for my iphone and am expert with neither, as you will see.


Nicholas Yannellis opening the Society for Advancement of Economic Theory (SAET)  2012 Brisbane Meeting.


With Bernard Cornet at SAET.


Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin, Harvard University; Myrna Wooders, Dr. Chi-Huey Wong, President of Academia the 13th annual Association for Public Economic Theory (APET) conference, hosted by Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan.


My dear friend from gradute school, ready for a desert trip to Riyadh. Carol Dahl, Professor and Director Petroleum Economics and Management, Colorado School of Mines.


It was a great pleasure to have Anne van den Nouweland  and Matt Jackson both visit our Department!
(Photographer: Cathy Zebron)


With Dino Nowack, fitness coach. Here is the link to Dino's website:
Dino is a terrific fitness coach! He was a celebrity trainer in California before moving to Nashville and
has appeared on television. He is also author of the book, The Final Makeover.


This was taken during a break in the 2011 Journees Louis-Andre Gerard Varet conference in Marseille.  The Turnovsky's (Michelle and Stephen) and I walked from the Vieux Port up to the Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde.  The view was wonderful. The Turnovsky's are very fit!


GETA (the General Equilibrium Theory in Asia conference) was held in Hanoi. The people in the photo, from left to right, are Takashi Kamihigashi, me, Julian Venditti, and Cuong Le Van. Photographer: Stafano Bosi.