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Benjamin Eden : Professor of Economics

Department of Economics, VU Station B 351819
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37235-1819

email: ben.eden@vanderbilt.edu

Selected published papers:
Benjamin Eden (1976) "On the Specification of the Demand for Money: The Real Rate of Return Versus the Rate of Inflation," Journal of Political Economy, December 1976, pp. 1353-1359.

Benjamin Eden (1977) "The Role of Insurance Gambling in Allocating Risk Over Time," Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 16, No. 2, December 1977, pp. 228-246.

Benjamin Eden (1979) "An Expected Utility for the Insurance Buying Gambler," Review of Economic Studies, October 1979, pp. 741-742.

Benjamin Eden (1980) "Stochastic Dominance in Human Capital," Journal of Political Economy, February 1980, pp. 135-146.

Benjamin Eden (1981) "Toward a Theory of Competitive Price Adjustment," Review of Economic Studies, April 1981, pp. 199-216.

Benjamin Eden and Ariel Pakes (1981) "On Measuring the Variance Age Profile of Lifetime Earnings," Review of Economic Studies, July 1981, pp.385-394. Reprinted in a conference volume entitled, "Social Policy Evaluation: An Economic Perspective," edited by E. Helpman, A. Razin, and E. Sadka. (Academic Press 1983, pp. 109-120.)

Benjamin Eden (1982) "Competitive Price Adjustment to Changes in the Money Supply," The Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 1982, pp. 499-517.

Benjamin Eden (1983) "On Competitive Price Adjustment for a Storable Good and Abstention From Trade," The Journal of Political Economy, December 1983, pp. 1028-1044.

Benjamin Eden (1983) "Competitive Price Setting, Price Flexibility and Linkage to the Money Supply," K. Brunner and A.H. Meltzer, eds. Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Vol. 19 (Amsterdam: North Holland) pp. 253-300.

Benjamin Eden (1985) "Indexation and Related Issues: A Review Article," The Journal of Monetary Economics, September 1985, pp. 251-259.

Benjamin Eden (1986) "Trading Uncertainty and the Cash in Advance Constraint," Journal of Monetary Economics, 18 , 285-293.

Steven Landsburg and Benjamin Eden (1989)"On The Competitive Resolution of Trading Uncertainty" The Journal of Economic Theory, February 1989, 66-75.

Benjamin Eden (1990) "Marginal Cost Pricing When Spot Markets are Complete" The Journal of Political Economy , December 1990, Vol.98, No.6, 1293-1306.

Benjamin Eden and Zvi Griliches (1993) "Productivity, Market Power and Capacity Utilization When Spot Markets are Complete" American Economic Review , Papers and Proceedings, May 1993.

Benjamin Bental and Benjamin Eden (1993) "Inventories in a Competitive Environment" The Journal of Political Economy, October 1993, Vol.101, No.5, 863-886.

Benjamin Eden, "The Adjustment of Prices to Monetary Shocks When Trade is Uncertain and Sequential" The Journal of Political Economy, 1994, Vol. 102, No.3, 493-509.

Benjamin Bental and Benjamin Eden (1996) "Money and Inventories in an Economy with Uncertain and Sequential Trade" Journal of Monetary Economics, 37, 445-459. An existence proof for Bental and Eden (1996).

"Inventories and the business cycle: Testing a Sequential Trading Model"
Review of Economic Dynamics 4, 562-574 (2001)

"Inflation and Price Adjustment: An analysis of Microdata"
Review of Economic Dynamics 4, 607-636 (2001)

 "Reserve Requirements and Output Fluctuations" Journal of Monetary
Economics, vol 49/8 pp 1597-1620, Nov. 2002. (With B.Bental)

"Price rigidity and price dispersion: evidence from micro data" (with Eyal
Baharad) Review of Economic Dynamics 7 (2004) 613-641

"Inefficient Trade Patterns: Excessive Trade, Cross-Hauling and Dumping" Journal of International Economics, Volume 73, Issue 1, Pages 175-188 (September 2007)

"Efficient Barriers to Trade: A Sequential Trade Model With Heterogeneous Agents" Journal of International Economics 77 (April, 2009) 234-244



For more information, please contact our office at (615) 322-2871 or email ben.eden@vanderbilt.edu.

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