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Department of Economics

Taxation Theory Conference, May 18--20, 2012

Location: Calhoun Hall 218


Friday, May 18, 2012

Opening Remarks 8:15--8:30
John A. Weymark (Vanderbilt University)

Session 1 8:30--10:20
Chair: Steven M. Slutsky (University of Florida)
"Optimal Dynamic Taxes,'' Mikhail Golosov (Princeton University), Maxim Troshkin* (Yale University), and Aleh Tsyvinski (Yale University)
Discussant: Felix J. Bierbrauer (University of Cologne)
"Imperfect Financial Markets as a Commitment Device for the Government,'' Jenny Simon (European University Institute)
Discussant: Ben Lockwood (University of Warwick)

Coffee Break 10:20--10:40

Session 2 10:40--12:30
Chair: Philippe De Donder (Toulouse School of Economics)
"Voting over Nonlinear Income Tax Schedules," Ailsa A. Röell (Columbia University)
Discussant: John A. Weymark (Vanderbilt University)
"Political Competition and Mirrleesian Income Taxation: A First Pass", Felix J. Bierbrauer (University of Cologne) and Pierre C. Boyer* (University of Mannheim)
Discussant: Ailsa A. Röell (Columbia University)

Lunch 12:30--1:40

Session 3 1:40--3:30
Chair: Katherine Cuff (McMaster University)
"Marginal Deadweight Loss when the Income Tax is Nonlinear" Sören Blomquist (Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies) and Laurent Simula* (Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies)
Discussant: Pierre C. Boyer (University of Mannheim)
"Optimal Linear Commodity Taxation under Optimal Non-Linear Income Taxation,'' Bas Jacobs* (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and Robin W. Boadway (Queens University)
Discussant: Eric Stephens (University of Alberta)

Coffee Break 3:30--3:50

Session 4 3:50--4:45
Chair: Désirée Rückert (University of Cologne)
"Signing Distortions in Optimal Tax and Other Adverse Selection Problems with Random Participation", Laurence Jacquet* (University of Cergy-Pontoise), Etienne Lehmann (CREST), and Bruno Van der Linden (Catholic University of Louvain)
Discussant: Matthew Weinzierl (Harvard Business School)

Keynote Address 4:45--5:45
Chair: Craig Brett (Mount Allison University)
"Optimal Income Tax with Uncertain Earnings,'' Robin W. Boadway (Queens University)
[primary background paper]      [secondary background paper]

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Session 5 8:30--10:20
Chair: Bas Jacobs (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
"Redistributive Taxation in a Roy Model,'' Casey Rothschild* (Wellesley College) and Florian Scheuer (Stanford University)
Discussant: Philippe Choné (CREST)
"Why Do We Redistribute So Much But Tag So Little? The Principle of Equal Sacrifice and Optimal Taxation,'' Matthew Weinzierl (Harvard Business School)
Discussant: Marcus Berliant (Washington University in St. Louis)

Coffee Break 10:20--10:40

Session 6 10:40--12:30
Chair: Alain Trannoy (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
"Optimal Income Taxation with Tax Competition,'' Vilen Lipatov* (Goethe University Frankfurt) and Alfons Weichenrieder (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Discussant: John D. Wilson (Michigan State University)
"Taxing Pollution: Agglomeration and Welfare Consequences,'' Marcus Berliant* (Washington University in St. Louis), Shin-Kun Peng (Academia Sinica), and Ping Wang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Discussant: John P. Conley (Vanderbilt University)

Lunch 12:30--1:40

Session 7 1:40--3:30
Chair: Casey Rothschild (Wellesley College)
"How Should Financial Intermediation Services be Taxed?,'' Ben Lockwood (University of Warwick)
Discussant: Thomas M. Mertens (New York University)
"Fraud Deterrence in Dynamic Mirrleesian Economies,'' Roc Armenter (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia) and Thomas M. Mertens* (New York University)
Discussant: Maxim Troshkin (Yale University)

Coffee Break 3:30--3:50

Session 8 3:50--4:45
Chair: Rafael Aigner (Max Planck Institute for Collective Goods)
"Taxation of Annual Income as a Commitment Device,'' Thomas Gaube (University of Osnabrück)
Discussant: Jenny Simon (European University Institute)

Keynote Address 4:45--5:45
Chair: Felix J. Bierbrauer (University of Cologne)
"Optimal Income Taxation, Public-Goods Provision and Public-Sector Pricing: A Contribution to the Foundations of Public Economics,'' Martin Hellwig (Max Planck Institute for Collective Goods)      [supplementary file]

Conference Dinner 7:30--??
The Tin Angel, 3201 West End Avenue, Nashville TN, 37203

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Session 9 8:15--10:05
Chair: John D. Wilson (Michigan State University)
"Optimal Taxation and Retirement in a Stationary Economy,'' Philippe Choné* (CREST) and Guy Laroque (Sciences Po)
Discussant: Craig Brett (Mount Allison University)
"Private, Social and Self Insurance for Long-Term Care: A Political Economy Analysis,'' Philippe De Donder* (Toulouse School of Economics) and Pierre Pestieau (University of Liège)
Discussant: Katherine Cuff (McMaster University)

Coffee Break 10:05--10:20

Session 10 10:20--11:15
Chair: Laurent Simula (Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies)
"Is the Flat Tax Optimal under Income Risk?,'' Dominique Henriet (Centrale Marseille), Patrick M. Pintus (Aix-Marseille School of Economics), and Alain Trannoy* (Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
Discussant: Steven M. Slutsky (University of Florida)


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