Self Audit Reports

There’s only one corner
of the universe you can
be certain of improving,
and that’s your own self.

—Aldous Huxley

Responsibilities of a Hiring Official

The Vanderbilt Employment Self-Audit Report (SAR) is part of the university’s hiring process (see Recruiting and Hiring Policy). It also serves as a monitoring tool for our affirmative action program. The EAD staff monitors the hiring process and reviews the SAR. The SAR and employment information is maintained on file for two years.

Each Vanderbilt hiring official has an important role in the employment process, which includes maintaining accurate and complete records. All hiring officials share responsibility for meeting the university’s affirmative action goals and objectives. If you are unclear about your responsibilities or need an update regarding Vanderbilt’s affirmative action obligations, please call EAD for further information or to sign up for the Alphabet Soup Seminar taught by the EAD staff.

A completed online application must be on file with Human Resource Services for all applicants, and anyone you consider for a position must be referred by Human Resource Services. All referrals will be displayed on the electronic SAR. An SAR must be completed for each position by the hiring official no later than two weeks after the selection of the successful candidate.

You can assist your recruiter in developing a talent pool that will meet the needs of your area by being specific about the minimum job requirements and by listing the preferred qualifications on the Position Management Form (also referred to as PMF). As the responsible hiring official, you must keep all interview notes and other documentation regarding your decision on file and readily accessible for two years from the hire date.

How to Access the Self-Audit Reporting System

In order to access the SAR system to complete the SAR, you must go to HR's SAR website at: http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/apps/sar/index.htm. Remember that you will have two weeks after the selection of the successful candidate to complete the SAR.

How to Complete a Self-Audit Report

The Self-Audit Report completion instructions can be found in the Manager's Toolbox on HR's website at: http://hr.vanderbilt.edu/toolbox/SAR.htm. Remember that you will have two weeks after the selection of the successful candidate to complete the SAR.

If you have any questions regarding these matters, please call the EAD Compliance Associate at 615-322-6521 or the appropriate Human Resource Services recruiter.

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Updated December 2009