Using Shared Exchange Mailboxes

Persons with VUnetIDs may connect to the Shared Exchange Mailboxes (SEMs) to which they have access by using Outlook Web Access.

To get to a specific mailbox, use the following URL pattern:

For example, to connect to a mailbox with an email of, one would enter

Please note that for best results, one should be using https, not http in the URL.

The login screen will look like this:

Login Screen

Use your VUnetID and ePassword to log into the site. You may select “This is a Private Computer” is your are checking from your own machine.

If using Internet Explorer (IE) from a Windows machine, you will have a more robust experience by not checking the “Use Outlook Web Access Light” check box. If using any other browser (Firefox or Chrome on a PC or any browser on a Mac), you will only have the option of the Access Light and the check is already marked by default.

Light Acces Login

The first time you login for each mailbox, you will see a screen which establishes basic preferences.

First Login

Assuming the displayed defaults are correct, clicking OK will open up the mailbox.



When using Outlook Web Access, all mail is processed as if by one user, no matter how many users have access to the mailbox. All users will have identical access to the inbox, sent mail, and deleted items.

By right-clicking on the Inbox folder and selecting Create New Folder, folders can be easily added or removed to help manage the inbox.