1. A. Pedchenko and E. J. Barth, “Design and Validation of a High-Energy Density Elastic Accumulator Using Polyurethane”. 2009 ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Conference and Bath/ASME Symposium on Fluid Power & Motion Control. Accepted for publication June 2009.

Advanced Strain Energy Accumulator for Hydraulic Hybrids

The goal of this project is to design a new form of hydraulic accumulator for regenerative braking in a hydraulic hybrid vehicle. The central idea of the project is to utilize strain energy in an elastomer to store hydraulic energy as opposed storing the energy in the compressible gas of traditional gas bladder accumulators. When gas bladder accumulators are utilized for high amounts of energy storage, they suffer from lower than desired efficiencies as well as other maintenance related issues such as gas diffusion through the diaphragm. The strain energy accumulator concept is an alternative design that seeks to solve these issues. A study of material properties of more than 8,500 materials including metals, ceramics, and composites revealed that certain elastomers have the highest mass-based and volume-based strain energy density of all solid materials.



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