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Dance Class Prices for spring are dependent on several items.

1. Length of Class …classes run from :45 min. to 1:30 for Intermediate and advanced classes.

2. Number of times each class will meet. Some classes meet once per week some twice per      week.

3. Number of weeks/days each class meets with our Basketball days off. Monday classes will   meet 13 times, Tuesday-11 times, Weds.-12 times, Thursday-11 times, Saturday-11 times.

4. Classes with Live Accompaniment charge slightly more. (Ballet and Modern)

5. Vanderbilt Students get a cost break as well as Vanderbilt Faculty/Staff and Alumni on all classes.

Prices for all classes are located on the registration page.

Drop in classes are normally $12 per class.

Unlimited pass (all the classes you want to take for the semester) is $420 for Spring 2016.

Vanderbilt Student Performing groups Drop in rate is $5 per class.