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VDP Studio Etiquette and Rules

Come as early as your schedule allows for your class so you can have your body and mind ready for class.

If you are late entering class, ask permission from the teacher and make sure your body is warm enough for the exercises.

Do not leave class and re-­enter without permission. No Food or Drink allowed in the studio space.

No Street shoes allowed in the studio space. (bring clean shoes to use if they are required by the instructor).

Listen to the Instructor’s comments and corrections and apply them to your work.

Turn off cell phones, do not answer phones and leave class.

Leave personal/emotional problems outside the studio. If you feel that you are unable to keep control please ask to leave or take an absence.

If you are ill or injured, or have a chronic injury please inform the instructor so they are aware of your limitations.

Follow the instructor’s instructions on working in groups including placement and numbers.

Accept corrections as positive criticism, use it as an opportunity to grow.

Perform the entire dance combination as given. Finish every combination no matter what. Even if you have difficulty, dance discipline requires you to finish a combination to the best of your ability.

Move quickly from one area of the space to another when going from center to across the floor, Stay out of the way of other dancers who are still performing a combination.

Have respect for your fellow dancers and be aware of your dance space and the space needed by others to move.

Focus on the technique and movements of this class and do not practice other class combinations during this class time.

If you have questions about where to stand in class or what group to go with in across the floor or center work please ask the instructor.

We do not have a set dance attire rule but please dress with respect for yourself and others in class. Dance class requires clothing that is fitted close to the body so correct placement can be observed. No loose or big jewelry is allowed.

Be neat, hair should be back away from the face so the line of the neck and shoulders can be seen.

Avoid strong perfumes and colognes.

Please inform your instructor or the studio attendants if you have a problem or concern with another student or instructor.

Respect yourself, the Instructors, and your fellow students.

If you disagree with your instructor and their method of teaching you need to find another instructor. We want you to enjoy class and for the experience to be positive for both you and your instructor.