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Class Descriptions


  • Beginning: Suitable for the Beginning level dancer with basic or no background in Ballet. A faster pace than ballet basics but still taught with the Beginner in mind. Students will learn Barre and Center work with introduction to jumps, leaps, and turns.
  • Beginning/Intermediate: Beginning Intermediate level suited for students with varied dance backgrounds. Prior understanding of ballet at the basic/mid-level is required.  This is a Beginning Intermediate Level class. Students should have a strong Beginning level understanding of Ballet Technique.
  • Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced: Mid-level class for students with previous training.
  • Advanced: Intense muscular workout – considerable experience a must.
  • Performance (VDT): Work with choreographer to prepare performance piece for concert. Must be enrolled in Advanced Ballet and be prepared to attend every class.
  • Beginning Pointe: Designed for students with little or no background in pointe work, must have a strong background in Ballet, attend the Intermediate Ballet class before pointe, and get confirmation from the instructor that you are ready for the class.
  • Pointe: Designed for students in the Int/Adv level classes.


  • Open: Learn the basics of ballroom including fox trot, waltz, swing, cha-cha, rumba, tango, and more. Hard-soled shoes preferred.


Classical dance of South India involving footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions on traditional Indian themes. Informal attire and bare feet. No shorts or skirts, please.

  • Beginning: Class designed to introduce students with little or no previous experience to the basic steps and hand gestures of Bharatanatyam, and in the second part of the semester to incorporate this knowledge into a simple composition.
  • Intermediate: Between the other two levels.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: For students with previous experience and a good command of Bharatanatyam technique. This is a repertoire oriented class in which students will work on mastering a complete dance.

Belly Dance

  • Beginning: An introduction to the fundamentals of belly dance. This course includes instruction in isolations and foundation techniques. Later in the semester, these movement will be formed into exciting combinations and choreography.

Fitness – Burlesque

Workout using today’s music and Burlesque style movement. Aerobic and toning.


Open: Spanish folk dance with emotional intensity and focus on strong arm expressions and rhythmic stepping feet.

Contact Improvisation

Explores ways of listening to and directing a partner in communication through movement. It is an environment in which we safely share each others’ weight while seeking the many possibilities available through this exchange. We will discuss some techniques and general principles that facilitate togetherness in improvisational movement.  Previous dance experience/strength training is strongly advised.

Hip Hop

Based on street dance and video/commercial dance. Combines lyrical jazz, artistic interpretation and hip hop dance. Focus is placed mostly on style and loosely on technique. Suggested dress code is tennis shoes and sweatpants or shorts. Dance clothes work as well.

  • Beginning: No experience required; basic hip hop techniques and rhythms with a lyrical and interpretive twist.
  • Cardio: No experience required. Fun class that gets your heart rate up with hip hop techniques.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Moderate to considerable experience required for this fast-paced class.
  • Performance (VDT): Must audition in September. Work with a choreographer to prepare piece for concert. Enrollment and attendance in the Int/Adv class is strongly recommended.


  • Beginning: Basic jazz techniques and positions, plus stretching and strengthening.
  • Intermediate: Mid-level class for students with previous jazz experience. Focus is placed on strengthening technique and further developing style.
  • Advanced: Designed for dancers with a solid working knowledge of lyrical and jazz technique and considerable experience.
  • Performance (VDT): Work with choreographer to prepare performance piece for concert. Must be enrolled in Intermediate or Advanced Jazz and attend every class. Must have previous experience in level of performance class.
  • Musical Theatre Jazz (Offered occasionally in Summer Dance Festival) : Class explores the technique of Bob Fosse and other styles of movement commonly found in musical theater productions. This class is for experienced dancers with a good technical foundation. Ladies should bring heeled character shoes to wear in the second half of class


  • Open: Students will learn footwork, dance positions, and connections between partners. A partner is recommended but not required. Students may also focus on the Cha Cha, Samba, Mambo, Rumba, and more.

Modern/Contemporary Technique

  • Beginning: Introduction to the basic skills and terminology of modern dance. Focus on control, center, breathing, balance, strength and musicality.
  • Intermediate: Designed for the dancer who has some basic dance technique and language, developing a further understanding of the body center and control.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Designed for experienced dancers, refining and articulating modern dance principals.
  • Performance Modern (VDT): Work with choreographer to prepare performance piece for concert. Must be enrolled in Int/Adv Modern or Advanced Modern/Contemporary Technique and attend every class.


The Pilates method of body conditioning. This aerobic series of floor work exercises will condition entire body from the inside out. Improved posture, a sharp mind and physical rejuvenation are the benefits.  A thick Pilates mat is suggested.


  • Open: This fun and energetic class is a contemporary, club style danced to hip hop, R&B, or jazz music. Includes both West Coast style and others. A partner is recommended but not required.

Tai Chi

Open: Chinese martial art practiced for both defense and health benefits. Often characterized by relatively slower movements.


A syncopated movement dance style that is exhilarating and great fun for all ages.

  • Beginning: Basic techniques of tap.
  • Intermediate: Designed for students with solid knowledge of tap technique.
  • Advanced / Performance: Preparation for concert piece. Must be enrolled in Intermediate Tap and attend every class.

Target: Fitness

  • Open: Abs, Hips and Thighs: Workout class that focuses on the areas between the rib cage and knee. Mostly floor work a mat is recommended.

West African

  • Open: This style of dance is rooted in West African culture and has characteristics of multi-unit (arms moving to a different rhythm than the feet), percussion, and call and response.